Because of innocence, because of belief, because of curiosity

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Recently, I have been reading a lot of books, such as studying "Zhiyin Manke", and I suddenly felt that I was a literate person. The books I read in the past were classified by subjects, but now they are directly divided by kilograms, 5 yuan per Jin's magazines are really cheap. In fact, the theme I want to talk about today is also related to a book. This book focuses on religion, history, and culture. It brings out a huge world and praises love and beauty; courage and friendship; innocence and kindness; trust; hope and light. The volume is vast, the settings are complicated, and the characters are numerous, which tells us "to live or to destroy, this is a question worth thinking about"; "Happy families are all alike, and unfortunate families have their own misfortunes"; "A person You are not born to be defeated, you can destroy him, but you cannot defeat him” and many other philosophies, yes, the name of this book is called. . . "Grimm's Fairy Tales". The original Grimm's fairy tales have many gothic and dark elements. Later, due to the constant interpretation of them by modern readers, the dark meaning has become stronger and stronger. The combination of fairy tales and horror turns Grimm's fairy tales into grotesque and curious. became a dark fairy tale. The result of this is that many nondescript adaptations have appeared in later generations, such as the mysterious "Little Red Riding Hood" and the masterpiece "Snow White and the Hunter". The interpretation itself is not wrong, but please don't mess around and don't insult fairy tales. It’s like Marx’s theory, the original version is not like this, but it has become a tool to win people’s hearts after it was deliberately used by the ruling class of the Soviet Union, Vietnam, North Korea and other countries. It can be seen that all the ideological theories with the prefix "Marxism" are good at inverting black and white and confusing facts. (I didn't say anything, but everyone is welcome to take a seat) This is the same as a fairy tale. When you think it exists, it is actually made up by people. And they are all geared towards the ignorant masses, with a strong fantasy color, through rich imagination, fantasy, exaggeration, and symbolic means to shape images and reflect life. However, there is an essential difference between Marx's theory and fairy tales. Marx's theory is finally used by the rulers to deceive people's hearts, and the meaning of fairy tales is to make us believe that there is still innocence in this world, and have always retained the pure land in our hearts. , strong and persistent, let us be more moved and nostalgic for this world. The recently released movie "Jack the Giant Catcher" is a movie about fairy tales. I hope we can all find the innocence in our hearts and our purest spiritual needs.

The history of Hollywood adaptation of fairy tales has a long history, dating back to the era of silent films, but most of them are based on the restoration of the original works, the most famous representative of which is the Disney Company. As a loyal fan of fairy tales, Disney started from the first animated film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in film history in 1937 to a series of classic works later, all based on faithfulness to the original work as the primary principle of creation, and then added some active The characters or clues of the atmosphere have produced many works that are suitable for all ages. However, splendor also deteriorates, and the splendor that has expired fades away. Disney's rise is only a few bits and pieces of the old century. After the new century, fairy tale movies seem to have come to an end. Of course, some movies have made great contributions to this, such as the mysterious "Little Red Riding Hood", and the masterpiece "Snow White and the Huntsman". (Yes, I repeat that again.) However, thanks to Tim Burton's 2010 opening, Alice in Wonderland smashed the $1 billion box office and reignited the fairy tale craze. As the saying goes, Alice has three treasures: delicate body, soft body, easy to overturn, "Alice in Wonderland" is undoubtedly very suitable for those of us who are a little youthful in our hearts, but not up to the level of perversion, with a galaxy full of fiery love Pretty girl watching. It can be seen that such a brain-dead movie can make money, which proves that there is still a market for fairy tales. Although the current trend of fairy tale adaptation movies is based on darkness, combining fairy tales with horror, this "Jack the Giant Catcher" will tell a very traditional fairy tale in a disciplined manner, bringing us an ancient story about the invincible evil. legend.

In this film, the human lord Roderick intends to rely on the power of giants to put himself on the throne, convincing others that only Marxism-Leninism can bring peace. Finally, with the opening of the gate to the world of giants, the giants invaded in a big way. Comrade Roderick, the revolutionary pioneer, almost lost his country. It can be seen that there are only two times when all politicians say the most sincere words, the first is before they open their mouths, and the second is after they shut up. However, in fact, the greatest glory in war is to perform their duties, and some seemingly small forces can often become the factor that reverses everything. So, in the end, the ordinary Jack finally broke the conspiracy and defeated the giant. The ideal of a knight is to shed blood on the battlefield to serve the country, and the hero has no regrets. In fact, the so-called chivalrous spirit is like Huang Gai in the Three Kingdoms Killing. It is said that if you gather a continuous crossbow and enough peaches and wine, you can obtain supreme power. Such is life, ideals and beliefs will always support you. Many people swear when they see Huang Gai, but we have our own way of playing, what do you know? Please whip me, Gong Jin! ! Fight for honor! This is the spirit of chivalry we live by. In the movie, Jack told us with his actions that people can be weak and incompetent, but our beliefs must not fall. The story of knights and princesses never goes out of style!

Because of innocence, because of belief, because of curiosity, it once became our irreplaceable belief. People always grow up little by little, sweet fairy tales and beautiful dreams are becoming more and more out of reach while longing to grow up. Growth inevitably comes at the cost of losing something beautiful and intangible. Each of us may have a different definition of childhood. Some people can experience loneliness for ten years and still feel at ease, while some people can still feel endless emptiness and loss in the tufted crowd of feasting and feasting. At this time, perhaps everyone has forgotten how innocent children we used to be. Why does the more you get, the less happiness you get? Movies are our initial dreams, we might as well let go of our nitpicking and find the innocence in our hearts and our purest spiritual needs in "Jack the Giant Catcher".

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    How can this get the box office back?

Jack the Giant Slayer quotes

  • Isabelle: Is this your farm?

    Jack: Yes. No. Sort of. My uncle and I are tenant partners. We just work the lands.

    Isabelle: And, uh, these books?

    Jack: Yeah, they... they're mine.

    Isabelle: It's unusual for a farm boy.

    Jack: Judging by the cover, are we?

    Isabelle: What do you like reading?

    Jack: I like a good adventure.

    Isabelle: In books or in life?

    Jack: Until I can find a way to get off this farm, I have to settle for books.

    Isabelle: And, uh, that mark on your face, was that an adventure?

    Jack: Um, I got in a fight today. At the market.

    Isabelle: What about?

    Jack: I was defending the honor of the princess.

    Isabelle: Princess? Really? You sure you didn't read that in one of your books? How did you know it was the princess?

    Jack: I didn't. I just saw she needed help. It wasn't until the guardians showed up that I realized who she was. Anyway, it happened really fast. I wouldn't blame her if she didn't remember me. What are you running away from?

    Isabelle: Who says I'm running away from anything? Maybe I'm running toward something. Just looking for an adventure of my own.

    Jack: Well, so far you've run toward the light on my porch... Your Highness.

  • Isabelle: You must think I'm very silly.

    Jack: No. I just wish that... Well, earlier, at the market...

    Isabelle: Thank you... for defending my honor, Jack.

    Jack: Anytime. Here, I'll take your coat. And until you find your own adventure...

    Isabelle: [receives a book from Jack] "The Giants of Gantua."

    Jack: My father used to read that to me.

    Isabelle: That was always my mother's job.

    Jack: I hope you find what you're looking for, Your Highness.

    Isabelle: Call me Isabelle.

    Jack: Isabelle.