It is a skill to tell adult fairy tales fresh and refined

Ericka 2022-04-19 09:01:49

If you are an audience of 8090, then most of you will have read a fairy tale book, which is

"Jack and the Beans". The story is very simple: the poor rural teenagers in the family exchange cows for bean seeds, and the bean seeds grow wildly into the domain of giants , The boy defeated the giant and took away the chicken that lays golden eggs and the harp that can play beautiful music, married the princess and finally lived a happy life...

Fairy tales are fairy tales, without thinking so much, the giant is the embodiment of terror and evil, defeat him Go for wealth is the true meaning. So there is this adult fairy tale movie, and it is not contradictory to be an adult and a fairy tale, because this is to examine a fairy tale from the perspective of an adult. So there is such a story in the film.

1. Giants are evil and cruel, they cannot coexist with ordinary people, they eat people, they are greedy

2. So people use magic to combine their hearts to create a crown that can make them surrender

3. People drive them back to them 4. Many years later, the giant's seal became a legend. The Nth King wanted to betroth

his daughter to a nobleman, and the nobleman However, he started stealing the seeds of the bean and vine, grabbing the crown of another giant and trying to lead them to rule the world.

5. Furthermore, the encounter between a country boy and a princess, the misseeding of seeds, the invasion of giants, and the struggle between people and giants...

6. You can guess the ending...

Fantasy films based on fairy tales, I personally like them very much. This movie doesn't have to talk about his style or shooting technique, just to see how he tells this little story of people's childhood well. Therefore, when watching this movie, I recommend that you pay more attention to:

1. The traditional British style and landscape in the film

2. Characters such as the protagonist of the authentic British style

3. The king, knight, general, and guard in fairy tales

4. The beginning and end of the film 5. The love depicted in the film, the country's determination and pride to

resist the evil invasion

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Extended Reading

Jack the Giant Slayer quotes

  • Isabelle: Is this your farm?

    Jack: Yes. No. Sort of. My uncle and I are tenant partners. We just work the lands.

    Isabelle: And, uh, these books?

    Jack: Yeah, they... they're mine.

    Isabelle: It's unusual for a farm boy.

    Jack: Judging by the cover, are we?

    Isabelle: What do you like reading?

    Jack: I like a good adventure.

    Isabelle: In books or in life?

    Jack: Until I can find a way to get off this farm, I have to settle for books.

    Isabelle: And, uh, that mark on your face, was that an adventure?

    Jack: Um, I got in a fight today. At the market.

    Isabelle: What about?

    Jack: I was defending the honor of the princess.

    Isabelle: Princess? Really? You sure you didn't read that in one of your books? How did you know it was the princess?

    Jack: I didn't. I just saw she needed help. It wasn't until the guardians showed up that I realized who she was. Anyway, it happened really fast. I wouldn't blame her if she didn't remember me. What are you running away from?

    Isabelle: Who says I'm running away from anything? Maybe I'm running toward something. Just looking for an adventure of my own.

    Jack: Well, so far you've run toward the light on my porch... Your Highness.

  • Isabelle: You must think I'm very silly.

    Jack: No. I just wish that... Well, earlier, at the market...

    Isabelle: Thank you... for defending my honor, Jack.

    Jack: Anytime. Here, I'll take your coat. And until you find your own adventure...

    Isabelle: [receives a book from Jack] "The Giants of Gantua."

    Jack: My father used to read that to me.

    Isabelle: That was always my mother's job.

    Jack: I hope you find what you're looking for, Your Highness.

    Isabelle: Call me Isabelle.

    Jack: Isabelle.

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