Diaosi Jack tells us a few truths

Turner 2022-04-20 09:01:40

Diaosi Jack tells us a few things:
1. The goal should be lofty, like a princess; 2. When
you see the goal, you must work hard to climb up, and you must follow experienced people, such as the captain of the bodyguard;
You have to hide yourself from the cat within your own power, honor and friendship are all floating clouds;
4. You must climb higher than the enemy in terms of vision and position. You only need to stab the enemy in the back at the critical moment. 5.
Be sure to follow the main line of the quest, such as running with the princess, don’t choose a person to stay and fight like the captain of the bodyguard, such a thankless side quest, because heroes are all lonely D, you probably don’t want to be lonely Bar?
6. It is very important to have a fast horse by your side. Only by fleeing fast at the critical moment can you not be eaten by giants and have a chance to counterattack.
7. The core of the victory in the struggle is the crown of power, with it you can have everything. With it, the emperor can marry his daughter to you, and the law can be changed for you;
8. You must insist on turning on the lights during the long night, so as to attract a princess who can change her destiny in the rainy night, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared Human; 9. The teaching materials used by the higher
class must be used to educate children, so that when they grow up, they can have a common language with the powerful and find opportunities to climb up;
Man's deadliest weapon is "while you're not paying attention"!

Before I read it, I thought it was the story of Jack hunting giants. When I saw the end, I thought it was the story of giants hunting Jack. When I got home and savoured it carefully, I suddenly realized that it was really Jack hunting giants... Ha! Exquisite! It is really the bible of the diaosi world, and it is as perfect as a textbook! A simple fairy tale condenses the essence of thick black science, haha!

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  • Katelin 2021-11-29 08:01:20

    Very costly super long film.

  • Sharon 2022-03-29 09:01:02

    Adapted from the traditional fairy tale Magic Beans, the basic plot has not been moved, and a city defense battle with giants has been added, but the scene is still too small. Looking at those kings, it seems that they only have one city, and they govern about 10,000 people, so the little kings in Europe are equivalent to the magistrates or prefects in China, and the princesses are equivalent to the daughters of magistrates or prefects. rare class

Jack the Giant Slayer quotes

  • Isabelle: Is this your farm?

    Jack: Yes. No. Sort of. My uncle and I are tenant partners. We just work the lands.

    Isabelle: And, uh, these books?

    Jack: Yeah, they... they're mine.

    Isabelle: It's unusual for a farm boy.

    Jack: Judging by the cover, are we?

    Isabelle: What do you like reading?

    Jack: I like a good adventure.

    Isabelle: In books or in life?

    Jack: Until I can find a way to get off this farm, I have to settle for books.

    Isabelle: And, uh, that mark on your face, was that an adventure?

    Jack: Um, I got in a fight today. At the market.

    Isabelle: What about?

    Jack: I was defending the honor of the princess.

    Isabelle: Princess? Really? You sure you didn't read that in one of your books? How did you know it was the princess?

    Jack: I didn't. I just saw she needed help. It wasn't until the guardians showed up that I realized who she was. Anyway, it happened really fast. I wouldn't blame her if she didn't remember me. What are you running away from?

    Isabelle: Who says I'm running away from anything? Maybe I'm running toward something. Just looking for an adventure of my own.

    Jack: Well, so far you've run toward the light on my porch... Your Highness.

  • Isabelle: You must think I'm very silly.

    Jack: No. I just wish that... Well, earlier, at the market...

    Isabelle: Thank you... for defending my honor, Jack.

    Jack: Anytime. Here, I'll take your coat. And until you find your own adventure...

    Isabelle: [receives a book from Jack] "The Giants of Gantua."

    Jack: My father used to read that to me.

    Isabelle: That was always my mother's job.

    Jack: I hope you find what you're looking for, Your Highness.

    Isabelle: Call me Isabelle.

    Jack: Isabelle.