The overall is very relaxed and happy, the 3D effect is not bad, that is, the things inside are more refined...

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I forgot to watch the movie tickets I bought in the group before, and they expired on the last day today. I originally wanted to go to the movie of Goddess Soup, but I had to wait until 9:45 pm, so I gave up. . . . The cooking ruffians of the same period feel that the trailer is full of strong 2 13 atmosphere, and I really don't have the courage to watch it. Although the filming of Guan Hu's killing last year was still very interesting, the trailer of the cooking ruffian really scared me. The time for the fantasy adventure didn't catch up, so I had to watch the giant catcher. To be honest, I didn't really look forward to this movie, I thought it was a boring killing action. But after I went in and saw it, I felt that it was okay, there were many slots, and it was not unsightly. An easy-to-follow family-friendly movie. . . .

(Spoilers below)

It was more than ten minutes before I entered. When I went in, I saw a handsome little brother forcibly exchanged a few beans for a white horse by a middle-aged obese man. . The little brother's aura was so weak that I thought that the little brother was just a passerby. . . . Is it possible that the middle-aged obese man with short hair is the first man? ? ? He doesn't look too handsome. . . . . Then, before he had time to sigh, he found out that the middle-aged obese man had soy sauce. . . . . It turned out that the first male was the weak little brother. . . Then the king taught the princess and the younger brother to be reprimanded by his uncle, interspersed with each other. . . Such a common and vulgar way. . . The king's standard for the princess is tall, handsome and rich with an ordinary uncle's face. I feel that supporting roles are common in various American TV dramas and movies (I'm face-blind). . . Then the princess ran away from home in anger, and ran to the house of Xiao Diaosi, a weak professional hair mask. Then, the storyline did not live up to its expectations and appeared in the mode of rescue of the princess in distress. However, the princess screamed one after another. "jack" I suddenly felt that the princess should have been shipwrecked, the princess is not unhappy. . . . The princess rose all the way to the sky with the tragic house, and Diaosi tried her best to rescue. This scum with zero combat power actually fell down. When she fell, she caught a golden wrist guard of the princess. I always expected the golden wrist guard to hold the princess' hand. It's a pity that this is a family-friendly movie, and there won't be such a tragic scene, so the princess who hung up is intact and continues to ascend to heaven. . . .

The next day, under the leadership of the princess' father, Diaosi and 300 Spartan warriors went to rescue the princess by climbing trees and fighting monsters. Of course, the princess' fiancé and the uncle-level Gao Fushuai also went to the bird. . After the logistics support staff fell to their deaths (the death was not bad, there was no blood, no shattered, no one place to cook, unhappy), the group finally climbed to another planet. . When everyone was hungry and chasing Shaun the Sheep, the anti-science giant appeared, wait, dare to love this turned out to be a fairy tale from childhood, no wonder the cameras are so harmonious. . . Well, back to the topic, at this time, the rich, handsome and gorgeous turned into a big devil. No wonder the princess looked at you in a bad mood before. ! ! ! He even got a high-end equipment to lead the giant and plan to dominate the world (it sounds familiar, he plans to get Tu Long Yitian to dominate the martial arts, the pattern of the tall, rich and handsome is Tucson broken)! ! ! Gao Fushuai does not make mistakes, how can Diaosi have a chance? ? ? The tall, rich, handsome and gorgeous made a big mistake and had great ambitions. The princess cup had a bird, and the princess' knight was also captured. Only the diaosi survived by virtue of the cheap diaosi nature, so the hero save the beauty began. . . . Just when the princess was thrown into the kitchen and the two of them were about to make a pie, one of them was going to have a lunch, and the other was about to make a pie. . . . Only then did I notice how handsome and handsome the knight is (only later did I know that I had seen the movie "Trainspotting" starring him N years ago, which ruined the three views and tasted greatness. At the same time, another starring in "Trainspotting" There is also a wonderful performance in this film). . . . The episode where the hero saves the beauty is so old-fashioned and boring, so watching this movie is very relaxing and happy. . . But I think the two pig pie next to the blond knight are dead cute, and the poor pig is roasted like this, but it should be delicious, as long as it is not seasoned with snot. . .

After rescuing the princess, the handsome blond guy didn't try to please the princess at the first time, but went to cherish the memory of his dead good friend Quniao, but Diaosi took this opportunity to pick up girls. By the time the blond brother recalled, the princess had already fallen into the arms of Diaosi. . . (I know why you don't have a sister paper, you can't blame others if you don't take the initiative)

Then the diaosi brought the princess back to the world, but the blond knight said with a ball of melancholy that there was still an unfinished mission, with an expression of swearing to die. Handsome guy, don't be so self-abusing when you're broken up. . . The little handsome guy canonized the Diaosi Knight, which is equivalent to the second male who failed in courtship and said I wish you happiness with tears in his eyes. . . I thought that the handsome guy would just settle for it, but who would have guessed that he succeeded in defeating Gao Fushuai and made a smooth return.

The words are divided into two parts. Here, the diaosi took the princess all the way down to wear the stars and wear the moon, and there the king cut down the vines with tears for the peace of the world. . . The glorious image of the king, he is instantly handsome, eh, wait, isn't this king a black beard. . . Fortunately, the 3D effect of this film is much better than that of the Caribbean. . . However, there are many ways for the diaosi, one move of the ape Tarzan successfully landed, and the princess returned to the arms of the ghost father. Of course, the king didn't see the existence of Diaosi, so he gave some gold to send Diaosi back to move the bricks, move the bricks, and farm the land. . . In this regard, Diaosi Sensen's inferiority complex said something to the princess, Sayounara~

But, the golden knight's work is not clean enough. Although he beat the little monster Gao Fushuai, he didn't pick up the equipment. . . . Out of love for the princess, Diaosi ran to the princess's castle in a shameless manner. When everyone worked together to resist the giant's attack and even the king went into battle, Diaosi took the princess to the beacon tower as a personal guard to send a signal. . . As a result, the giant boss didn't give up on the princess and kept chasing the princess. This was the time for diaosi to play. A sprouted bean took control of the giant boss. He also picked up top equipment and successfully repelled a large number of enemies. It turns out that the trick to chasing a female pickup girl is that you have to do it when everyone else is working, but you have to do it in front of the goddess, so that the goddess can see it.

Later, King SAMA completely destroyed the castle by the diaosi, and also abolished the law that the princess could not marry a commoner, and the prince and princess lived a life without shame and shame. Sure enough, it doesn't hurt to use taxpayers' money to build castles. The privileged class can be above the law. . .

But at the end of the story, Diaosi has become a king, where is his uncle, where is his uncle who fed him with hard work, shit, urine, and he turned into a noble and doesn't even recognize his own uncle? ? ?

PS: The vines are too fake. Could the little head of the two-headed giant be less like Gollum? ? ? Did I just watch The Hobbit recently? ? Can't the giant always use the snot thing, it's disgusting.

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