Growth is about courage

Melba 2022-04-20 09:01:38

I accidentally swiped on Douyin a clip of Anne Hathaway taking off her hat and revealing her chestnut hair, so I followed the comments to watch the movie. I just wanted to find this part, but I ended up watching the whole movie. This is a story about love and courage, although it is very simple, there is no thrilling plot, and there is even blood everywhere.

The heroine Mia is a 15-year-old high school student who has low self-esteem and just wants to be transparent. She was ridiculed all day long, because of her exploding head, and because she was timid, when she gave a speech, she would be so nervous that she vomited. Such a person has to become a much-anticipated princess, exposed to the gaze of more people scrutinizing her. Clearly she resisted.

She also had a little vanity common to teenage girls, fantasizing about bold, attractive boys who would one day notice herself. So when a scumbag asks for an invitation, she gets carried away and doesn't notice that the boy treats her with disdain before she becomes a princess. It also suffered a big loss in this matter later.

I saw a lot of people scolding Mia in the barrage, thinking why this girl is so stupid, so stupid, so unsatisfactory, and so on. Indeed, compared with those smart and lovable princesses, this commoner princess is not a lovable character. However, what she reflects is every real us.

As girls, we are naturally exposed to more judgmental eyes. How is your hairstyle, how is your figure, are you polite enough, are you decent enough, are you attractive... Every girl feels more or less inferior to herself. No one else is dazzling, no one else is smart, but they always receive comments like "Why are you so bad" and "You're not good enough".

However, it is useless to make oneself transparent and inconspicuous like a ground seam. Scrutiny is everywhere, no matter how small you shrink yourself, someone will laugh at why you are so ordinary.

Mia became a princess, she became beautiful and noble, but her status among her classmates did not change much.

People who laughed at her before, still laughed at her. She even used her princess status to gain more exposure for herself. Being a princess didn't help her, because she was still the transparent girl who just wanted to escape and give up.

Until Mia learned to fight back. A baseball hit the scumbag's vitals and passed the base. She smeared the hated girl's whole clothes with ice cream, and she was shocked. When she no longer escaped from herself and no longer clings to other people's evaluations, she instead won the respect of others.

The only way to fight low self-esteem is courage. Believe in your innate worth.

Mia is not worthy of being a princess because she has learned those tedious etiquette and elegant manners. It is her blood that is doomed to be a princess from birth. Even if she rampages and stumbles, even if she wears sportswear instead of tuxedos, she is still a princess. No one can change this fact.

Courage, help her to break all the cowardice in her heart, so that she can face up to her identity as a princess. Let her be able to face the camera without stage fright, and let her take on the responsibility that this title brings.

By the end of the film, she's still not a perfect princess, but who says a princess should be perfect?

Every girl has dreamed of being a princess, and every girl should believe that she is a princess.

To believe in your own worth, to bravely take responsibility for your own life. This isn't actually a movie about a princess, it's about growing up.

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