Childhood memories

Everett 2022-04-20 09:01:38

Come back and look at Anne Hathaway again, she is still beautiful The princess, even if there is no family reversal in the play, my parents still spoil us as princesses. Thanks to my parents, my dad once told me that I felt sorry for me. If he could be more capable, he would give me a better life, and my tears fell. , I remember every detail of his pampering me, but I think my father's requirements are too high, and I am quite content with the environment. If you put it in your mouth, you will be afraid that it will melt, only if you learn to satisfy yourself, you are a little princess

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  • Kaleb 2022-03-24 09:01:40

    I like that sentence the most because you are the only one who can see me when I am transparent. In addition, Anne Heather is so beautiful

  • Adelle 2022-03-25 09:01:07

    Good-looking, it's good to be a beautiful princess

The Princess Diaries quotes

  • [as his assistants pluck Mia's eyebrows]

    Paolo: I love your eyebrows. We'll call them Frieda and Kahlo. If Brooke Shields married Groucho Marx, their child would have your eyebrows!

  • Michael: Don't worry about me. I just consider myself royally flushed.