Sow melons, reap melons, sow beans, reap...

Alfonso 2022-04-20 09:01:40

This is another story based on a fairy tale, so don't expect many twists and turns in the storyline, or very creative ideas. This film is only slightly modified and expanded on the basis of the original fairy tale, and then mainly focuses on 3D special effects. From the production specifications of the film, this film is obviously the standard configuration of a summer blockbuster. The film has a summer commercial film. All elements: handsome guy, CG, magical background and action, but Warner Bros. chose to release in March. In fact, Warner Bros. is indeed preparing to release the film in June last year, and then postponed to this year for various reasons (although Warners did not announce the reason for the delay, but it is likely that it does not want to challenge "The Avengers"). However, I heard that the production cost of this film is as high as 195 million US dollars. However, after its release in North America, the box office revenue has been quite sluggish, and it can even be described as bleak. It feels like an annual tragedy. The status quo of "Giant Catcher" has to remind people of last year's "Annual Loss" "Alien Battlefield"! Comrade John Carter, who debuted at the box office with a box office of 30 million US dollars last March, finally accumulated only a pitiful more than 70 million US dollars, but the cost was as high as 250 million! This "accident" directly led to the resignation of Disney's then-president and triggered a series of butterfly effects! If it weren't for the crazy hot sale of "Avengers" later, I'm afraid the annual report of Disney's film department would be quite ugly! However, it is hard to say whether such a tragedy will happen to Warner Bros. However, looking at the current situation, it is impossible to earn back the cost in North America, and we can only hope for a good overseas box office. As a result, the Chinese mainland market, which may become the largest overseas ticket warehouse, has become a treasure that investors value very much. We will wait for next week's performance report.

Although the film did not do well at the North American box office, in my opinion, smashing a lot of banknotes into it is still effective. The 3D special effects look really good, and there are many realistic and shocking scenes. The scene of falling to the ground is quite shocking. At the end of the film, the final battle between humans and giants pushes the whole story to the climax. But it is slightly dark and scary, which may make this fairy tale-themed film less effective in attracting teenage audiences.

There is an old saying in China called: sow melons, sow melons, and sow beans, and reap beans, which is a metaphor for a hard work and a harvest. But in this fairy tale, after the beans were planted, they developed a little too much, and the series of events that followed showed that beans are not necessarily planted. If you are lucky and take risks, this may be What can you gain! Harvesting more beans, big and small, is the minimum. If the head is brighter, like the hero of this film, it is not impossible to pick a daughter-in-law from the tree. In the original fairy tale, it seems that the chicken that lays golden eggs is brought back from the giant. As a tall, rich and handsome man, the days of calling for wind and rain are just around the corner.

The hero in this film is about to usher in a happy and happy day, but this reality starring: Nicholas Hoult and director: Brian Singer's life may not be so good, I was hoping for such a film It seems that they will continue to wait, but in Hollywood, where handsome guys are everywhere, and talented people grab it at will, if you want to wait for such a good opportunity, I really don't know if it will be There will be more. Compared with the male protagonist, the female protagonist of the film can really be said to be a beauty.

To be honest, in almost all movies, as long as there are giants, they are more tragic characters, whether it is in the epic "Lord of the Rings" or "Harry Potter", when these big guys come out. It seemed quite fierce, but it was exposed in a few minutes. And these big guys, who are usually accompanied by stupidity and clumsiness, are often miserably abused in front of the little ones. I really hope to see a work that can make these giants proud.

In general, this is a movie that can be watched, and it is not bad to watch it for the special effects!

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  • Estevan 2022-03-30 09:01:03

    It's crazy to have a second film like this

  • Jess 2022-04-23 07:01:54

    How to make the beans wet or not

Jack the Giant Slayer quotes

  • Isabelle: Is this your farm?

    Jack: Yes. No. Sort of. My uncle and I are tenant partners. We just work the lands.

    Isabelle: And, uh, these books?

    Jack: Yeah, they... they're mine.

    Isabelle: It's unusual for a farm boy.

    Jack: Judging by the cover, are we?

    Isabelle: What do you like reading?

    Jack: I like a good adventure.

    Isabelle: In books or in life?

    Jack: Until I can find a way to get off this farm, I have to settle for books.

    Isabelle: And, uh, that mark on your face, was that an adventure?

    Jack: Um, I got in a fight today. At the market.

    Isabelle: What about?

    Jack: I was defending the honor of the princess.

    Isabelle: Princess? Really? You sure you didn't read that in one of your books? How did you know it was the princess?

    Jack: I didn't. I just saw she needed help. It wasn't until the guardians showed up that I realized who she was. Anyway, it happened really fast. I wouldn't blame her if she didn't remember me. What are you running away from?

    Isabelle: Who says I'm running away from anything? Maybe I'm running toward something. Just looking for an adventure of my own.

    Jack: Well, so far you've run toward the light on my porch... Your Highness.

  • Isabelle: You must think I'm very silly.

    Jack: No. I just wish that... Well, earlier, at the market...

    Isabelle: Thank you... for defending my honor, Jack.

    Jack: Anytime. Here, I'll take your coat. And until you find your own adventure...

    Isabelle: [receives a book from Jack] "The Giants of Gantua."

    Jack: My father used to read that to me.

    Isabelle: That was always my mother's job.

    Jack: I hope you find what you're looking for, Your Highness.

    Isabelle: Call me Isabelle.

    Jack: Isabelle.