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Renee 2022-04-20 09:01:40

How good is his character, in the almost hopeless weekend afternoon rush hour, he actually got a car smoothly, but it was still too congested, so it was still a little late to arrive at the movie center, and I am very embarrassed I bought a ticket to enter the venue. Fortunately, there were not many spectators in this scene. I hurriedly took
out my glasses and went in to see. Hey, strange, why is there a double image? The problem was attributed to the 3D glasses. I ran out and told the ticket inspector that there was something wrong with my 3D glasses, I couldn't see the movie clearly, and I had not wiped them clean. Please change them. The ticket inspector was stunned because the glasses she gave me were actually very clean. , but the movie is really not clear
, so don't worry about it anymore, and quickly change it for me, the movie has already started for a long time
, so she quickly changed me a pair of glasses, but,,, what's the answer? I still can’t see clearly?
At this time, some people in the theater started to talk about it. It seems that I was not the only one with a problem with my glasses, and then someone went out, seemingly saying that the movie could not be seen clearly; then it was the ticket check. The staff came in, then, suddenly, the lights came on, and there was a voice saying not to sell tickets for the next show for now, because I don't know if it was the movie itself or the machine's problem, and then it was maintenance, people in front of and behind or took out their mobile phones , Or take out the iPad and watch it, I am thinking, if the movie really can't be released, should I refund the ticket, haha, what a miser I am.
Sure enough, after waiting for about ten minutes, the movie began to be shown again, and I was surprised to find that I missed at least the first 15 minutes, ah, ah, how good my character is, a screener Accidents make traffic jams and late arrivals all worthless.
Happy to watch all the movies. I was deeply moved by Jack's magical eyes. If there is any difference between "The Wizarding World" and "Jack the Giant Catcher", I would say it is directed at Nicholas Hoult, who plays Jack, and Ewan McGregor. Grid, "Jack the Giant Catcher" is a movie I'll watch a second time, and "The Wizard of Oz" is fine, and, if not to mention that the black and white screening ahead is a tribute to "The Wizard of Oz" in 1939, I would have thought It's a tribute to the great Edison, how ignorant I must be, hahaha.
The next day, with a happy mood, he got his own character value, but he got a completely different reaction. The best friend really thought that the movie theater was too bad, and such a low-level mistake of misplacing a movie can happen. It's simply intolerable, and I think it's nothing, and I even secretly rejoice that if it wasn't for the projection error, I wouldn't be able to see the complete beginning. It can be seen that everyone's likes and dislikes are indeed different.
I'm naturally more generous with my favorite theater, and after thinking about it, I want to watch it again for Jack's eyes.

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  • Kamron 2021-11-29 08:01:20

    Skip class and run to the theater, deserve to watch bad movies

  • Abe 2022-03-31 09:01:03

    It's not easy to make an episode and it's not easy to start over where it feels like it's almost over. It's a good story. I loved the magic beans when I was a kid.

Jack the Giant Slayer quotes

  • Isabelle: Is this your farm?

    Jack: Yes. No. Sort of. My uncle and I are tenant partners. We just work the lands.

    Isabelle: And, uh, these books?

    Jack: Yeah, they... they're mine.

    Isabelle: It's unusual for a farm boy.

    Jack: Judging by the cover, are we?

    Isabelle: What do you like reading?

    Jack: I like a good adventure.

    Isabelle: In books or in life?

    Jack: Until I can find a way to get off this farm, I have to settle for books.

    Isabelle: And, uh, that mark on your face, was that an adventure?

    Jack: Um, I got in a fight today. At the market.

    Isabelle: What about?

    Jack: I was defending the honor of the princess.

    Isabelle: Princess? Really? You sure you didn't read that in one of your books? How did you know it was the princess?

    Jack: I didn't. I just saw she needed help. It wasn't until the guardians showed up that I realized who she was. Anyway, it happened really fast. I wouldn't blame her if she didn't remember me. What are you running away from?

    Isabelle: Who says I'm running away from anything? Maybe I'm running toward something. Just looking for an adventure of my own.

    Jack: Well, so far you've run toward the light on my porch... Your Highness.

  • Isabelle: You must think I'm very silly.

    Jack: No. I just wish that... Well, earlier, at the market...

    Isabelle: Thank you... for defending my honor, Jack.

    Jack: Anytime. Here, I'll take your coat. And until you find your own adventure...

    Isabelle: [receives a book from Jack] "The Giants of Gantua."

    Jack: My father used to read that to me.

    Isabelle: That was always my mother's job.

    Jack: I hope you find what you're looking for, Your Highness.

    Isabelle: Call me Isabelle.

    Jack: Isabelle.