Thirty-one questions about "The Death of the Sacred Deer"

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There is one thing that my friends who have seen the film brood over: how did the children get sick? Moreover, there is no reasonable explanation at all with modern medicine. Is it really the Gu from that boy? In fact, I can't answer this question, and maybe the editor can't answer it either. Perhaps this question is so prominent in this thriller that it distracts us from understanding it. Well, you've seen the movie, so let me ask you a few questions about the movie. If you feel that there are some questions you can't answer, chances are you really missed some important information to interpret it.

1. Where did the father first meet the boy? Where did they go afterward? In the scene where the father gives the boy a watch, the camera uses a super-distant panorama, and then pulls in little by little to the two people who are talking. How does this make the audience feel?

2. What did the family of four talk about during the first family dinner? My father didn't like my brother's long hair, but my mother liked it. When it comes to letting the younger brother and elder sister do the housework, the younger brother offered to walk the dog and let the elder sister water the flowers, but the father refused. What is the foreshadowing of this detail in subsequent films? Isn't the tone of their conversation weird? As if to finish the sentence quickly and without any emotion. In fact, most of the dialogue in the entire film is in this tone. Why deal with it this way?

3. Back to the bedroom parents and mother have sex. How did they go about it? What does it mean when my mother says, "General anesthesia?" Isn't the way they make love a little weird, trying to say something?

4. Father and mother went to the party. The mother said that the better the younger brother plays the piano, the better he wants to buy a piano for him. And my father said that my sister was having her period. What do these lines mean? Can menarche be shown off?

5. The boy came to visit his father's house. The younger brother offered to look at the boy's armpit hair. boy did. The sister tells the boy that she is having her period (the second time the movie mentions this). The boy wants to smoke, the younger brother does not allow it, but the girl does. The boy wants to go out for a walk. The younger brother refused. The sister offered to take the dog, but the boy refused. Later, my sister sang brother to the boy under the big tree and smoked for the first time. What does this play mean?

6. The father went to visit the boy's house. The boy offered to watch "Groundhog Day", and the lines from the movie came over the TV: "How do you know I'm not God..." The boy's mother seduced the father, complimenting his beautiful hand, and kissing it. Didn't she remember that it was these hands that killed her husband? Who was raised by these hands later?

7 The boy went to the hospital to say that he was distressed. He pointed to his chest and told his father that he was very uncomfortable. The boy asked to see his father's body hair, saying that his mother was in good shape and "you will see". The boy obviously wanted his father to be his stepfather, why did he do that? Is it for revenge? Would the story dissolve if the father did become the boy's stepfather?

8. In the film, the two things of walking the dog and watering the flowers are always done by the parents. Did you notice the hint here?

9. The camera in the film does almost no lateral movement (rarely), it only moves in two directions, pushing, or pulling. When a sequence begins, the shot is usually a long shot, and then very slowly and carefully pushed into the subject space. How will this work? What kind of psychological impact will the audience see when they see such a lens?

10. The boy kept calling his father and pestering him. Then he started chasing after his sister. When the father found out the boy was seducing his daughter, he called him. But the boy didn't pick up. Why didn't the boy pick up?

11. There is almost no off-site dubbing in the first half of the movie, but when the younger brother said he couldn't move his legs, there was a not very strong drumbeat. Later, such off-site sound became more and more, and it was used more and more with a sense of oppression. What is its function?

12. When the younger brother was checked and confirmed to have no problems and left the hospital, he suddenly fell down by the elevator. At this time, the movie uses the only overhead angle of view in the whole film. What is the function of this use?

13. In the next shot, the sister is on the motorcycle with her arms around the boy. The color of the picture is an eerie blue. There were tears in my sister's eyes. Did she know Dad's secret? How much did the boy tell her?

14. When the girl came home, her mother was watering the flowers. She asked about her brother in the hospital, and then suddenly asked her mother: How are you? Mom thought it was weird, but just said, I'm fine but a little tired. My mother wanted my sister to replace my brother in watering the flowers in the future, but my sister left without looking back. Why did she ask that?

15. After learning about the boy's curse, Dad was suspicious. When his brother started not eating, he forced him to eat his usual favorite donuts. But the attitude is very rude. He also later tried to test whether his son was lying. Tell him about his childhood teasing his father. Why tell that very shameless story?

16. My sister wanted to have sex with a boy but was rejected by the boy. He said: "I thought I made it clear...don't be a burden...why did he refuse, does it have something to do with the father rejecting his mother?"

17. My sister also fell ill. How did Dad persuade her to eat this time? How is it different from persuading my brother?

18. The mother pressed the father to ask the truth of the matter. Where are the two of them having this conversation? What is the body posture of the two of them? Why is there a rare smile on my mother's face?

19. The sister stood up and walked to the window under the guidance of the boy, but the mother confiscated her mobile phone angrily. Don't mothers want their daughters to recover?

20. The mother finds the boy to talk to. She said: "I don't understand why we should be punished if my husband killed your dad?" Is she implying something? What did the boy say about the way of eating pasta? "I was so disappointed when I learned that I ate pasta like everyone else, even more so than I knew about my father's death." What did he mean?

21. After the father was desperate, he kidnapped the boy and beat him. The boy first bit his father and then bit himself in the same way. What did he want to tell his father in this way?

22. The elder sister and younger brother had a conversation in bed. To the effect that the sister knew that the father did not kill the boy, she said he did the right thing, or four people would die. She told her brother that he was bound to die. And say we all love you. My brother said that they love me, and my father bought me a piano. But I'm afraid you're jealous and didn't tell you. My sister said give me your MP3 when you die. When the younger brother heard this, he crawled to find a pair of scissors and cut his long hair. Then he climbed up to Dad and said that he should have cut his long hair long ago, and he wanted to water the flowers (again). What is this play trying to say?

23. What is the difference between mother and father having sex again and the first time? What did she say to her father after sex?

24. The mother brought her sister and brother to the basement, and she knelt down and kissed the boy's feet. What does this mean?

25. The sister wanted to tempt the boy to run away with her. not. She escaped by herself. After being found, she said to her father: You gave me life, only you can take it, you can kill me now, to save my mother and my mortal brother... When she said this , how does she look? Why was she staring at her father's face? What does "belovde, brother from certain death." imply?

26. What did my sister say, mother beat her? What was she shouting when her brother's eyes were bleeding?

27. Why did my mother change into the black dress my father liked before the death sign? And why did my father say: No matter what you wear, please hurry up.

28. Since the younger brother is sure to die, why did the father make the final decision by drawing the death lottery? Did he cheat during the masked shooting?

29. The movie ends at the fast food restaurant where the father first met the boy. This time it was my daughter eating fries. Remember how the boy talked about eating his fries at the beginning of the movie? When my sister walked out of the restaurant at the end, she looked back at the boy. Does it have any special meaning? Will she leave the family to find him?

30. Bach's "Passion of St. John" is used at the end of the film (thank you Mubai, I will ask you for advice when watching the movie in the future.), how do you feel when you hear it?

The next question:

Does anyone think the actor who plays the elder sister is a bit like Jiang Xin?

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  • Abe 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    It follows the ancient Greek-style revenge story, but the setting of a middle-class family encountering disasters like a fun game is still very uncomfortable. The soundtrack is horrible.

  • Antonia 2022-03-23 09:01:53

    The first thing I felt was the relationship of a family of four, which was directly related to the spinning random shot. However, with the music of eerie, in the vast and smokeless space created by photography, it seems that there is no higher purpose. The whole story revolves around the family complex of Oedipus, and in the end, the music and photography are dragged to the level of "mystery". But the phenomenon of movies is really interesting, although I often call it a hypothesis.

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