The killing of the scared deer

Tamia 2022-04-20 09:01:41

The killing of a scared deer. Such a literary subject has a high score on IMDB. This surprised me. Plus I can't read the cover again.

The viewing experience is that I really can't understand it. The male protagonist performed an operation on the boy's father after drinking. The boy's father does not smoke or drink, and swims almost every day. It was supposed to be a hundred years old. But the handsome men of the male protagonist were accidentally killed on the operating table. Those hands were lifeless. The lively and bloody fawn at the beginning is discarded right after the end.

Probably the male protagonist took the boy back to his home. I want to take care of the boy, but after seeing the beautiful family of the male protagonist again, the boy thinks of his father. So, hatred.

The boy seems to have some kind of super power that can paralyze the male protagonist's relatives and eventually die.

And finally. The male protagonist's wife, the male protagonist's daughter and son, the lives of these three depend on the male protagonist. Decide which one to kill. "I only shot one shot, but in the end, four people were killed." The killing of the boy by the male protagonist's family in the end was really shameless. But it's normal. All they were left with was anger.

Actually I was thinking. This show has nothing to do with gender, homosexuality, or eroticism at all. Because if the male protagonist and the boy are together, then the boy and the boy's father are extremely similar, and it is very likely that both the man and the father and son have dated. But this is impossible. So this is just a piece about medical services. It is a satire on the recent phenomenon of medical malpractice. Sometimes if ZF can't help us solve the problem, the helpless individual can only do it himself, life for life.

The overall cool style of the film is a bit like the urban erotic movie "Shame" and the last gunshot "Hunting".

To be honest, I thought the last shot would go to the man himself. Looks like I still don't understand the plot.

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer quotes

  • Martin: My mom's attracted to you. She's got a great body.

  • Steven Murphy: [about Martin] He's got issues. Serious psychological issues.