Oriental fantasy works under the arrogance and arrogance of Westerners

Jedidiah 2022-04-19 09:01:52

Don't say anything about cultural exports. This is just an oriental fantasy work under the arrogance of Westerners. It has nothing to do with traditional Chinese culture.

Disney cut leeks

It is estimated that the audience in Europe and the United States has a good base because this is the story of Mulan they understand, not the traditional Chinese Mulan.

There are many pitfalls

1. Mushu is gone and turned into a phoenix. Where is my cute and talkative Mushu? This is my childhood

2. What does it mean to be a witch? If I were a witch, wouldn't it be better to kill the emperor and become the emperor? Free all witches directly!

(For witches!!!)

3. Glory is the most talked about estimate. It is very Western. I thought I was watching Western fantasy. Whoever Chinese people say this stuff, even if they say honor their ancestors, usually refers to the imperial examination as an official. Which children are recruited for glory, not all It is to survive, protect the family and defend the country, what kind of slogans of Chen Sheng, Wu Guang, princes and generals, Xiang Ning, etc., are all slogans shouted by officials to force the people to rebel.

4. One of the families I heard about leading the book, the Vaughan family? A mix of Chinese and Western? Still have such a surname

5. The commander said preemptive strike is very clever. Preemptive strike means that the infantry goes out of the city and drives to fight with the nomads in a 1V1 real man battle on the plain?

6. Rouran had thousands of cavalry rushing into the battle at the start of the war, which was very impressive. When Mulan returned, the nomadic horses were gone. What was the screenwriter implying? All dismounted and fought with the infantry, the nomads were too humble.

Seven, the plot and the emotional transition of the characters are very blunt, okay? For example, when Mulan was about to engage in an avalanche, she glanced at the snowy mountain and ran over with two helmets. The next scene went directly to the snowy mountain behind Shi Wei, and put a lot of helmets on it. What's the process? What about the process? That distance is really, Rouran: I'm blind, ignore me, you can do whatever you want. I really want to go up the mountain to shoot the first arrow, and the group of people below have been crushed to death.

Moreover, the growth of Mulan in the whole movie is not really reflected. Liu Yifei's flaw is still on the "facial paralysis", and the peak is really just a fairy sword and a divine carving.

8. There are also the three virtues, "loyalty, courage and truth", the first two are nothing to say, your "truth" is simply true, what are you thinking?

The "filial piety" in the back is even more outrageous, is there no English word? devotion to family, wow short sentences, very advanced.

9. The translation problem, did the screenwriter's brain go into the rice field? It's like something like four or two thousand pounds, four ounces move a thousand pounds, the Chinese get get, but it's very strange, it's not like drawing tigers can't be reversed Can you tell me about Xindaya, please? Do Europeans and Americans have such a cultural foundation?

The live-action version is far inferior to the animated romance

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  • Cassandra 2022-03-27 09:01:06

    I am so embarrassed that my toes are curled up! ! Villagers fight, is it villagers fight? ? The level of domestic online movies can't be compared! Disney disappointed me so much this time!

  • Vallie 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    Can I get zero points? ? ? I am really speechless! At the beginning of the movie, I began to doubt myself at the sixth minute. At the ninth minute, I wanted to fast-forward, and then I kept persuading myself, what if, what if, if there was a reversal later... What if it was a ghost! 0 points for the script, 0 points for the soundtrack, and 0 points for the special effects! It's because of Disney movies for underage children, so apart from Gong Li's hand being scratched and dripping a few drops of blood, no one else deserves to shed a drop of blood when they die, right? Is it because this is a big heroine movie, all the macho feudal men have to suddenly realize that they believe in the heroine and then be led by her? Is it because of the shortage of funds caused by the epidemic, it is not worthwhile to do special effects for people to be deformed by fifty cents? Is it because I have been in Toronto for a long time that I feel that Eastern culture in the eyes of the West should be represented this way? This is the beauty of China, isn't it? What a lousy movie! What a broken plot! In the final analysis, it's just a popcorn movie with the popularity of feminism!

Mulan quotes

  • Bori Khan: [from final official trailer; to his fellow soldiers] When we take the Imperial City... I will take revenge--for my *father*!

  • Hua Li: [to Hua Zhou, after he accepts his conscription scroll] You're a war hero; you've already made many great sacrifices.