The two-way failure of child-oriented and adult-oriented —— not for actors, 98 version compared with 20 version

Lon 2022-04-19 09:01:52

I'm not here to complain about how bad the live-action version is, but to praise the unsurpassed animation

The failure of the live-action version of Mulan is not because of the cruel comparison of the animated version of Zhuyu, but the failure to recreate the essence of it and change it into dross

I believe that every audience who has watched the Mulan animation has introduced its compact plot; dressing up, meeting with matchmakers, joining the army for the father, and recruiting training; the pictures accompanying those three classic songs are still fresh in their memory, and each paragraph is a flow of water. The narrative style, and the characters are vivid and full of laughter. The live-action version of Mulan uses these three bridge sections, but it weakens the key foundation of these three sections to the greatest extent. The director's control of the rhythm of the plot is disappointing. Although the makeup and tea pouring are all there, let alone surprises, even one-tenth of the entertainment in the cartoon is not as good as

The 98th edition of Mulan expresses the traditional Chinese classical charm to the greatest extent. The combination of ink and watercolor has reached its peak. The green mountains and green waters are deep in the courtyard. Especially the reflection in each frame, the artistic conception and beauty are still amazing to this day.

As for the live-action version, I didn't feel their respect for the style in the original version. Instead, I borrowed some aesthetics from Zhang Yimou's "The Great Wall", which was full of sand and dust and wore a royal blue armor shirt. This is the failure of the director and the art team. The live-action Aladdin perfectly reflects the prosperity of the ancient Arab world. This time, Mulan's director, the use of the camera, the control of the rhythm, and the style of the picture are all mediocre without any bright spots.

The failure to create the group portraits is also a major failure of the live-action version of Mulan. The most eye-catching episode of the animation version is the embarrassing plot of a group of recruits during training. A supporting character is forgotten after seeing it, the characters are not full, and the rest of the time is more like watching the great achievements of the party, waiting for Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Gong Li to take turns, but this character, Shan Yu, seems to have come out of an animation, so I can give 5 stars .

Let's talk about our big heroine Hua Mulan. In the original animation, Mulan's personality is set as a frizzy big girl. She is a little smart and will use shortcuts to complete some trivial things in life; but she She is also a traditional girl. She also listens to her parents and goes to a matchmaker for a blind date; she is often careless and makes a lot of appearances by saying some inappropriate words; but she has the courage and persistence that ordinary girls do not have, and turns around after each blow. Work harder to prove your abilities. All in all, you can clearly see Mulan's transformation from a traditionally defeated woman to an excellent fighter after countless setbacks in the movie. It is precisely because of her shortcomings that her progress is particularly inspiring and moving. In the live-action version, the transformation of Mulan played by Liu Yifei is not obvious. The Mulan she created is undoubtedly more perfect than the animated version. Those who are independent, tough, and excellent are all available, but because there are no shortcomings, they lose the animation version. That freshness.

In order to set up Mulan's feminist banner, the film team changed a lot of the male rights controversy on the basis of the original version, removed Mulan's official partner and immediate boss Li Xiang, and changed it into a close comrade-in-arms; The witch played by Gong Li is also a great demon king who surpasses Shanyu's ability.

The role of Li Xiang can be said to be one of the most existential "princes" in the Disney Princess series. He is no longer a symbol of saving Cinderella, but an excellent man with strict military discipline and responsibility. When Mulan disguised herself as a man, he went from disappointment to recognition and respect for Mulan. Later, he discovered the fact that Mulan was a woman, and he just expelled her from the army and did not punish her with military orders; It's patriarchal and old-fashioned, but after all, Mulan itself is a costume film, and there is conflict before it can be beautiful. In the new version, the character Li Xiang is divided into two parts. Donnie Yen is in charge of the career, and Yoson An is in charge of the relationship. With abs with extremely low body fat, the interaction with the heroine's opponent can be said to have no sparks.

I still like the cartoon version of Mulan so much, she is not like the live-action version, she is blessed by the phoenix. In many environments, women are indeed inferior to men in terms of physical and psychological quality, and in their careers, they need to work harder than men to be respected, but this hard-won achievement is the spirit of feminism. Instead of waving a banner and shouting the slogan that we are born stronger than men. Sometimes excessive boasting becomes inferiority complex. Facing weakness is true self-confidence. In the animated version, Mulan and her comrades work together to force Shan Yu back, not a oneman army that is open. The director of the live-action version claimed in the promotion that she had made a more real war than a cartoon. I thought it was funny too, the plot of Liu Yifei's one-on-one fight with her hair down is realistic? This time the feature film came out and severely beat the director's disrespect for the animated version and even tried to surpass it. Since you have continued Mulan's IP, even if you imitate Beauty and the Beast and make a live-action version, you will still be deeply loved by many children. their favorite. Not like now, painting a tiger is not an anti-dog.

This live-action version of Mulan continues Disney's politically correct footsteps in recent years, deleting the controversial comedy clips against Chinese racial prejudice in the 98 edition. Unfortunately, American comedy itself is a joke targeting the characteristics of various groups of people. Movies that lose these comedy elements and change to the main theme, not to mention the artistic value, are even lacking in the entertainment value that has always been the best. As a loyal viewer who will give two tickets to every Disney movie, I feel disappointed for the first time, a work that is not happy for children and lacks in adults, not even a popcorn movie. Just like a bowl of tasteless chicken soup, the umami will not come up after a few bites, and it is extremely mediocre.

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  • Dax 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    Thirty-five knives are not distressed, beautiful, and portrayed many beautiful scenery in China. The colors are bright. Except for Mulan, the costumes of other characters are weird, especially the emperor...

  • Jacklyn 2022-03-25 09:01:08

    Its feminism may lie in Mulan's ability to fight as a woman with long hair. The setting of "Qi" seems to externalize discrimination. The witch played by Gong Li is another opposite of Mulan (at least she doesn't suppress her Qi and female identity). ), in this sense, the witch is not a villain, more like a guide. But after I said so much, I still have to scold: Why is it so ugly? Why so ugly!

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