"The Death of the Sacred Deer" is a story that never happened!

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"The Death of the Sacred Deer" is a story that never happened!

Sensen Dajun Film Critic Lecturer Screenwriter

Death of the Sacred Deer

Answer the following questions from fans

1 How to interpret the heart of the opening and the ending, why is the film a fictional story by Martin?

2 What does the director want to express? Why do you say that the little boy is everyone's scapegoat, the evil cannon fodder of human nature!

3 What are the symbols of hair, pubic hair and armpit hair? Metaphor of helmet watch

4 Why did the little boy grow up to be a cardiologist instead of an eye specialist?

5 How to interpret the handling of lens push-pull panning?

Cannes Film Festival ( 2017; 70th ) Awards: 1 Nominations: 1

Winning Palme d' Or - Best Screenplay

Woman: Let me tell you directly, I don't understand this movie! The plot is too fake, it doesn't make sense, how did it win the Cannes Award?

Then you have to think about it , you can give any award, but if the judges don't understand it, you can't give back the best screenwriter award , right?

Woman: Then please give me analysis and analysis, please come up with your four-dimensional one-piece pulling method...

The title, a heart, beating...

Female: I think this plot is very evil. The four people in the family , the girl, the younger brother, and the mother, finally please the father, hoping to survive, and the mother even licks Martin's feet in order to survive...

Well, I won't say much about the plot, and I won't repeat what other film critics have said...

Female: I understand, Master Sensen only pays attention to the artistic aspects that others have not touched, and what he thinks is the key content!

Yes! Let me talk about the wonderful part of the script first...

Remember this scene? The girl wants mp3 for her brother, "Please, please..." In fact, the implication is that my sister doesn't really want mp3, but wants her brother to die as soon as possible. I hope that my brother can face the reality as soon as possible, face death, and so on myself There is still a way to live...

Female: Also, my brother's eyes dripped with blood, and my sister shouted directly: "Mom, my brother is about to die..."

right! Because my sister is now full of thoughts about who has reached a certain stage and is going to die...

Woman: Besides, when my sister asked my mother what was wrong with her health, she slapped her in the face. Why?

Because the mother understands her daughter's evil thoughts, the daughter is expecting her to join the paralyzed ranks, which is in line with this curse, and at that time, the girl may also have a trace of vitality...

Oh, I see!

Everyone pay attention, this is the case with good scripts, and many inner scenes have to be figured out and experienced by yourself! Looking forward to the death of family members, how can you say such words directly , but beating around the bush to say what you want and what you can't hide, it is both true and reasonable, and the concealment of human nature is highlighted, this is a good show!

This is what the so-called unpredictable people's hearts mean!

Woman: I remember a little boy saying that he wanted to be a cardiologist, not an ophthalmologist...

double meaning. Not only does he want to please his father, in addition, the director also wants to explain: eye experts can't point directly at the heart, peeping into people's hearts, but heart experts can do it ...

We talk to a series of plot images about the heart through my father's occupation, which is a cardiologist, to see what the director wants to express...

After the operation, my father threw away the rubber gloves that had just been in contact with the heart... In the corridor, I chatted with the anesthesiologist about the watch...

We have to think about it, watches they all care about water resistance, leather straps and steel straps are just for decoration, personal preference...

Woman: Yes, yes, I did talk about these, I don't know what's the special purpose?

Also, my father prefers the steel strap, because it is strong and worth a few extra dollars, it can better protect the watch, right? Also, speaking of helmets, what do helmets do?

Woman: Protect your head!

That's right! The watch movement, the head, the heart... This is what people must protect, because they are the most important organs, that is, the key.

Let's compare it again, did you find something else?

Female: Yes, hair, pubic hair, armpit hair, menstruation, secondary sexual characteristics appear many times, what is the metaphor?

Well, at this point we have to think about what content can be discarded, discarded, and replaceable... You just mentioned, pubic hair, armpit hair, hair, menstruation... In this film, these are all insignificant!

The heroine can have no pubic hair, the child is young, and when he grows up, he will have everything! What about menstruation, the girl is in trouble, and the boy is not interested in him, it's no use! Look at the sexual issues designed in this film!

I asked directly, is there a sex scene in this film?

Female: What's the matter, there are only a few naked scenes... By the way, why is the female lead dressed in anesthesia? The two are quite interesting!

Other directors have designed these with a purpose! In fact, he wants to say that sex can also be without interaction . From the perspective of the heroine, I can get it if I am comfortable! If the man has no opinion, the anesthesia game is actually quite good!

In addition, it can be seen that although the male and female protagonists are in love, things like sex are actually dispensable between them, everything depends on the mood!

Woman: In the car, the anesthesiologist asked the female lead off, which actually took the place of sexual intercourse , and Martin did not have sex with girls, although he liked them very much...

right! These plots all show that sex can also be replaced, it doesn't matter if there is any! Sex, and just mentioned, hair, pubic hair are the same thing!

Looking at this script, Martin and the heroine talked about pasta, rolled it up and eaten it, and finally found that he and his father were no different from others... The director actually wanted to say that many behaviors and elements are innate, innate instincts , These are not determined by genes, but God taught all human beings to act and think in this way, which cannot be determined or changed by themselves!

Woman: Yes, like menstruation, armpit hair... Maybe it's just a burden . The word "burden" is mentioned in the film.

Well, I can't even quit smoking, how difficult it is to change my nature!

Woman: I don't think the father and the mother are very caring for their children. This family is quite selfish, especially in the end, they abandoned their relatives for their own survival...

Yes, we saw the dialogue, the male protagonist only thought of himself after the child's accident: I love mashed potatoes, it's time to make it for me...

Female: Yes, many plots are, what do I want, what do I want, as if everyone only thinks about themselves ...

So many plots are in an embarrassing dilemma...

Martin: Show me your armpit hair...

Doctor: Pick one of your favorite children...

Woman: Right, the principal doesn't bother with this, and chooses a favorite child, what's the business of the family? I don't like either of them at all, haha...

You have to make an analogy analysis of these plots with surgery. As a doctor, the male protagonist may make a mistake when he drinks some wine, but so what? No matter how dedicated he is, it is impossible for him to treat his patients as family members ...

Woman: Yes, not to mention that the doctor finally abandoned his family...

Everything can be explained by two words, human nature!

We are getting closer and closer to the theme, you and I continue to think...

Woman: There are some things that I think are unreasonable, except for this family, whose hearts are as cold as ice, their emotions change too fast, and there are many things that are unreasonable . You say that these two children are paralyzed and they are not in a hurry. Medicine is very advanced. , their family is not short of money, why are they crawling at home? You can use crutches , or get a prosthetic leg...

Is that reasonable? So, you can't talk about the script with a screenwriter of your level, it's too young! What other directors want is to crawl , so that there is a sense of picture, the key is to cater to the theme ...

I just talked about so many things that can be replaced, hair, menstruation, sex, and now I want to mention legs, this man, he lives as if he has legs and no legs. The heart and brain can move!

Oh, I see! So what do you think the theme of this movie is?

Don't worry, let's learn more about the legend of the holy deer. The title of this film introduces the story of the holy deer. The story originates from a section in the Trojan War in ancient Greece. A Greek commander killed the goddess' holy deer, so he used her As a sacrifice, the daughter of the goddess was offered to the goddess in the hope of forgiveness. In mythology, the commander's daughter was finally moved by the goddess and saved by mercy.

Watching the climax of this film is the most disturbing part. Remember the four-dimensional one-piece pull-film analysis method, the plot, the climax of the character theme , and the climax part are also the focus of our attention!

Woman: Was it the scene where the male protagonist shot while masked?

right! In the end, the male protagonist fainted and shot, ordered soldiers and generals, and one family would always die!

Woman: He couldn't tell that he should be the scapegoat, so he came up with such a method, which might make his conscience a little better...

The key is that we still have to see a picture. In fact, this film has designed a scale to put love, hate and hatred together, let parents choose, let them struggle and struggle...

Including the boy Martin, who also lives in a plan of revenge and suffers from hate and love.

Also, do you remember, when a girl is paralyzed, there is only one thing that can make a girl stand up and take two steps...

Woman: Is it her love for Martin?

right! The girl's love for Martin, but in the end she couldn't defeat the god of death, she could only beg. Love and hate, survival instinct and family love, how to choose...

Everything must be weighed on the scale of human nature!

Woman: Oh, so that's what the plot meant!

Then look at these elements on the scale, and finally enter the game of Russian roulette , and accept the referee of the male protagonist...

Female: Is it because the boy let the male lead be the referee? After all, he decides to live and die!

That's right! We finally found out that no matter who is the referee, it is the same, in the end, he kills others and achieves himself! The same is true from the child's point of view. The love between siblings, mother's love, and father's love, in my own life, who has what weight, who is big and who is small, it doesn't matter to me, why should I care about other people's lives? ...Anyway, in the end, it was the death of the pawn to protect the car! Anyway, you have to be the biggest winner!

Now understand the meaning of those elements analyzed earlier? Those are things that can be discarded, replaceable, insignificant, and dispensable. At a critical moment, people can only keep themselves. It's like saving the heart and brain because it's human nature!

Woman: Oh, I see!

At this time, love, sex, family, friendship, family, lovers... everything can be thrown away!

In roulette, the one with the gun is always the biggest winner, no matter how painfully he shoots...

The climax scene is really extraordinary. I really saw it. He shot not only relatives, but a lot of things he thought were not important enough, and finally weighed and discarded things...

The ultimate result of human struggle is to save yourself! The lives of others can still be sacrificed in the end, that is, the holy deer.

Yes, so you think, begging the doctor how to care for the patient, how to take care of the patient, how to take care of the patient, not to drink before the operation... Is it possible?

Woman: Yes, the dean couldn't save the two children in the end, so let them go home to recuperate! What else can people do, just do their best!

Female: There is also the end of the film. You have to explain it. I always feel that the director has something to express, but he didn't say it!

For the ending, I have a bold idea! I believe the director also thinks the same way, but he doesn't want to be too deliberate or too obvious. It can be regarded as an open ending, right?

Woman: What's the idea?

Did you notice that the ending was actually slow motion? I think that the part expressed in slow motion at this time is not in the same time and space as the normal shot. That is to say, what this film has presented before is all fantasy, in other words, it is just a story that did not happen.

Female: No wonder the boy stared at their backs in a daze, and his parents seemed to be as calm as ever... Could it be that the boy accidentally ran into the family who killed his father in a coffee shop and compiled a revenge story?

That's right! And the boy, the "Sacred Deer", doesn't have this little boy at all!

Woman: You mean, the title of the film The Death of the Sacred Deer has a subtext in itself: everything is just a legend? And there are three people in this family...

right! The beginning and the end, echoing before and after. Let's see, use the beating heart as the title, and then insert the subtitles immediately, the death of the holy deer

Explain that this film is actually just a story in the heart, only a cardiologist can understand, because he is the initiator of the story, he can also penetrate the heart...

On this day, Martin walked into the coffee shop after not knowing who was hurting his face. He was always haunted by his father's death, and suddenly found a doctor's family of three and a cute girl, so he started a revenge story, the story In the book, he also thought of the holy deer, so he played himself as a god who could cast evil spells. According to his understanding of human nature, he is also sure that there are no good people in the doctor's family, just like himself! It was also to open up the knot in his heart for many years, so he quickly obsessed about such a story and began torturing the doctor and his family... Interesting, right?

Therefore, the parts of this film involving Martin are all real, including the mother who liked the doctor's hand, it was easy to see the watch, and the story was compiled according to several elements, plus a holy deer, that is, a little boy, who wanted to revenge object! The child also made his mother into it. If it was included in his own revenge plan, let her seduce the doctor... But then I felt that revenge would not be so easy. It is not easy to destroy the doctor's family. The enemy is too powerful...

Female: Yes, hatred is not so easy to let go. The story has to be edited in depth. In the end, I really find a scapegoat, which can be regarded as a solution to hatred... Haha, if you explain it like this, I find that many plots of this movie are unreasonable. But also very reasonable! After all, Martin made up such a revenge story with hatred and whim. That's it, it's not bad!

The key is that the heart of revenge has been washed white like this! Human nature is also revealed, very artistic, right? Sacred deer, that child, whose scapegoat is?

Female: It is the scapegoat for everyone , the cannon fodder for the evil of human nature, whether it is the victim or the perpetrator ... just like the Passion of Jesus!

I think this explanation of mine is the most artistic and chewy. Anyway, the Best Screenplay Award at Cannes, I tell you, is by no means a mediocre work!

Woman: You can only think so deeply, so I still wonder why the police don't arrest the murderer doctor?

When I saw this line of dialogue after Martin bit himself, I felt that the director was reminding the audience that the whole story of this movie is a metaphor!

Woman: It's up to you! As expected of watching a movie on the back of your head!

Have you ever discovered that, according to the little tricks in the school and books, a movie of the same level as Oscar Cannes, you should not understand it or not!

Let me say a few words about the use of the lens

Female: As far as I am concerned, the picture presented in this film pushes, pulls and shakes, giving the cameraman enough room to display...

The key is to see why the lens is used in this way. Especially the father pushing the child, there is the elevator, there are a lot of shots in the corridor... It is clear that someone is pushing and pulling and pulling, everyone thinks, is this the way to compile the story, according to the story line, that is, several protagonists pre-designed by the boy Martin Fate, advance and lead the plot and characters forward? Also, let the reader appreciate the characters in the story from different perspectives…

Ha, yes yes, from different angles, it seems to speculate and figure out the characters in the play, you explain the image well!

Woman: Then you say, this movie is a literary film, right?

The story has been told like this, and it has been written in a heavenly book, how can it not be literary? The point is, just find someone to shoot this Cannes-level script, who dares to shoot, and who can see it well?

Woman: Hi, it really is! Our film and television industry is really messed up. There are very few people who really study and analyze movies in a down-to-earth way. They are swearing everywhere. I really look down on those people!

This is no art, what is art? No piety and reverence for art! It’s enough to be a movie fan, and you filmmakers are like that too, and many of you even sneak into the teaching staff, but you don’t have the morals of a teacher!

Woman: Then how do we deal with those idiots who have no morality?

Don't be stubborn, these people really dare not to issue your diploma, no matter what they say, you can just nod!

Woman: That's right, it's too cowardly!

Humanity is so! Besides, in a place where liars gather, you can't be a holy deer, right?

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