The Chinese story filmed in the United States is not good-looking

Harrison 2022-04-20 09:01:41

I was a little disappointed after reading it...not really fragrant.

First of all, it feels really awkward to open your mouth to see a bunch of Asians speaking English! ! I don't know if there will be a Chinese version after the domestic release. The special effects are really average, the scenes are not grand, the makeup and hair are not good-looking, there are not many group performances, and the soundtrack is also average. I feel that Disney is not sincere enough, and did not spend time grinding the script to understand the Chinese background. It is a money-making work that speculates on Chinese elements.

1. There is no turbulence in the plot. In this story, Chinese students are too familiar with Mulan's army since they were young, and they may be more shocking to foreigners. But a few bugs are really unbearable. First of all, what is Gong Li, a witch, and the fantasy villain finally found out with conscience? Why did Hua Jun change his name and Hua Mulan didn't die? A bra or goggles? Why is that catapult so accurate? Why did Mulan take off her armor and scatter her hair to return to the battlefield after realizing that she had to face her true identity as a woman? Without basic protection? Are you serious about saving people on horseback after an avalanche? Why are the soldiers and generals not surprised by the sudden appearance of the female image, and no response to the life-saving grace, only to expel her and then suddenly accept her? Is that phoenix a kite? The camera angle of Fenghuang and Renheyi is really very similar to that of Quan Youlong's mother! Why is it that the imperial city can only rely on one female soldier to save the emperor? Without tipping off or explaining the foreshadowing, forcing American-style individual heroism? All kinds of abrupt plot advancements, strange fantasy clamping, ugly makeup and hair styling, it's hard to describe.

2. Fighting action scenes are nondescript. They don't have the sophistication and sophistication of Chinese martial arts action movies, and they don't have the punches and punches of foreign action movies. Weiya hangs all kinds of tumbling circles and adds slow motion, which doesn't conform to the laws of physics at all! Extremely uncomfortable. Was the emperor serious about catching the arrow with his bare hands in the end? ? ? Jet Li's image of a kung fu superstar is sorry for taking more than a day of filming. There are few battlefield group performances, and I am happy with the nine-member right-wing team. General effects. Finally, in the classic kung fu scene built with bamboo at the construction site, the martial arts design was really disappointing.

3. There are no surprises for the actors, they are looking at the fairy sister Liu Yifei, but the men's clothes are really not good-looking, there is no filter, the women's clothes are better, but they are not fairy. The male protagonist honghui has very few scenes, the actors don't know who they are, they have no memory, and there are few lines. Jet Li was so old that he couldn't recognize him, and his role was too small to play soy sauce, so he threw his sleeves twice without any action scenes, and then was tied up miserably, which made him feel distressed. Donnie Yen's appearance is not good-looking, and she looks a little fat. It's okay to have a few small solo fights, but it can't reach the level of Hong Kong movies at all. Gong Li's character can't stand up to me, the design is bad, the shape is not good-looking, and the role does not need acting at all... Teacher Zheng Peipei's makeup is white, red and yellow, what dynasty and ethnic group? so ugly. I want to say that ancient Chinese minorities were not like this...

Of course, there are also remarkable places. For example, it is better that the description of the women's hardships in the men's army is very real, such as the need to bind the chest, dare not take a bath, and sleep soundly and so on. But at the same time, it also made me wonder what to do with the aunt and the beard?

To sum up, the two stars give Liu Yifei a serious filming spirit, as well as a few beautiful views of the Tujia Buildings and karst landforms on the Silk Road.

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  • Mulan: [from TV spot] My father cannot fight, so I will take his place.

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    Mulan: Yet here I stand, proof that there is a place for people like us!

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