(Spoilers), let's watch the 1998 animation

Gina 2022-04-20 09:01:41

This movie is really all-round, multi-layered rot. I sincerely hope that the evaluation of this movie will be completely out of the way, and don't leave a little chance for foreigners to think that such a movie is acceptable or even willing to watch, and then make more such inexplicable movies. I'm personally not only disappointed with this movie, but also angry.

Movies have great ambitions. I want to capture Chinese philosophy, culture, and history, and even more so for feminism, but none of them have been properly captured, and none have been captured well. When it came to the trailer for serving Taoism, setting, and culture, I was criticized a lot, so I won't say much. Speaking of feminism, I personally think that the 1998 animated version of Mulan gave me more encouragement and inspiration than this Mulan. First of all, the "force" of "qi" is very strong, and Shengsheng turned the late-night weight-bearing pole climbing in the animation to win everyone's respect and make everyone look like Mulan into a big girl with a natural halo Lord, there is no empathy at this time. In the animation version, the smart and strategic Mulan, who thought of blowing up the snow-capped mountains through the reflection of the snow-capped mountains on the sword, and leading her brothers to disguise themselves as women to save the emperor, has become a real man with one knife and one child. The animated version of Mulan has the brave, mature and firm side of joining the army for her father, and the cute, naughty, kind, and shy side of a little girl. The movie is very monotonous and flat. I will say here that I don't think it's really all to blame for the fairy sister's acting skills this time. , This character itself is really not rich in emotion, it is estimated that whoever plays it is similar, and the fairy sister can still see Yan (I really like the look of the red dress and the hair, it is very beautiful). Also, do women have to "lead" men to be successful? I think the scene in the movie version where the emperor first suppressed and then praised Mulan, bowed to show his respect, and the whole capital knelt down to pay his respects was much more shocking than the general Feng and the witch forcibly saying "she can lead men (to the point)". Going back to the front, with regard to the "qi" of Mulan in the movie, should people be afraid or respect it? !

The human/animal setting is also pretty weird and awkward. Gong Li, this [Witch], when I saw her talking to Khan, I was really afraid that she would call Arthur Merlin, and then I thought, hey, this is obviously Maleficent, think again, you can say Hela, I can also Accept, or we don't shoot the princess, it's good to merge directly into Marvel, and finally the bow and the eagle really made me laugh, the only place in the whole film that made me laugh out loud. The casting of Khan (Shan Yu) is really similar to the animation, but without the evil spirit (?) of the animation, it feels evil. Your Majesty, you have "qi" and you can catch arrows empty-handed, so what are you doing so pretentious for people to rescue? Straight to the opposite side! In addition, the animated version of the emperor is very cute, the emperor looks like an inexplicable villain, and I really didn't see that it was Jet Li. The prime minister is a very realistic character in the animated version. It is obvious that he bullies the soft, fears the hard, and looks down on women. He is the kind of villain that many people will encounter, and he rebels directly in the movie? ? ? Li Xiang did not directly, and changed to an inexplicable emotional line. The three cute "harlequins" in the animation, the brothers in the movie version really can't get a spark out of it. In addition, the song in which the three people describe their ideal wife in the animation has become a life sentence in the movie. , I was so embarrassed that I pretended to be thirsty to pour water, and when I got there, I didn't remember the names and looks of those people. In the end, the dragon Mushu turned into a phoenix. I boldly speculate that it is because the screenwriter thinks that the phoenix is ​​more representative of women. It’s OK to delete Mushu, add a phoenix, don’t outsource your phoenix, I was shocked when I saw the special effects, and the image of the phoenix was not very clear, just relying on the lines to forcefully say what the phoenix is Meaning, so what are you doing with that outsourced special effect? Just say it! I think it would be fine if you directly asked Gong Li to play Phoenix and guide Mulan! It doesn't make much sense for a cricket to become a spider. Maybe crickets are not as scary as spiders, so it's hard to insert the role of sister? There are also parents, Hua Au doesn’t have a big feeling, but I feel that this mother is a bit strange. At the beginning, she didn’t seem to like Mulan’s tomboy very much, and then she was still deeply in love with her mother and daughter. It is a little helpless mother who feels very different. The "old and unruly" mother-in-law is gone. Obviously, this cool old lady can reflect feminism. The choice of the director and the screenwriter is not very clear.

Alas, there is no logic to these complaints with passion, just take a look. All in all, I personally don't recommend it.

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Mulan quotes

  • Mulan: [from TV spot] My father cannot fight, so I will take his place.

  • Xian Lang: [to Mulan; from trailer] You will die pretending to be something you are not.

    Mulan: Yet here I stand, proof that there is a place for people like us!

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