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The Orient was almost a place created out of thin air by Europeans, says Syed. It is understandable that Europe and the United States have a certain mindset towards China. But it's 2020, and it's incredible to hand over an answer sheet like "Mulan".

This movie is old Disney.

It should be said that, excluding the background of the story, it is a standard Disney industrial product. The story line design: the protagonist's personal growth, fledgling, saving the dynasty by himself, and returning home all reveal strong Hollywood movie characteristics. But since you use the IP of Hua Mulan, you naturally have to abide by the social and historical logic. The director refused. In the director's and screenwriter's understanding, Hua Mulan is a Hollywood-style savior. In order to complete this concept, the screenwriter designed a set of scenes for the Roulan army to attack Huanglong, so as to make the number one heavenly character who needs to be saved: the emperor When he appeared on the stage, this setting made the dignified Northern Wei Empire's defense system useless, and Rou Ran could directly kill the capital and threaten the emperor. The Tuoba family had to know that their fate still had this disaster, and it was estimated that the iron coffin board of the family would not be able to hold it down.

The Hollywood-style creative logic is that they asked Mulan to save the entire dynasty, and the entire dynasty had to be her, which made the entire story line contrary to the historical common sense of Chinese audiences. You simply can't explain how these Roland troops flew to Kyoto. Obviously it's an ordinary story about joining the army on behalf of her father, but the screenwriter wants her to save the earth. Isn't this difficult for a strong man.

Of course, this is not a flaw. In essence, art is imaginary. The screenwriter has the right to give the characters any plot, and the basic logic of the story can be self-consistent. The flaw in this film is that the director saw the particularity of Mulan's identity, a woman. He also planned to bring in private goods, and created the character Gong Li, the witch, and asked her to awaken Mulan's self-awareness. She uses qi as a metaphor for her female identity. Only by "truth" and facing her own identity can she exert the powerful power of "qi", and Mulan's awakening seems to be related to witches. But witches are both good and evil. When they are strong, they can fly away from the sky, and they can kill all directions. When they are weak, they can only shield Mulan from arrows. Instead of focusing on the awakening of women, it is more realistic to think about how Mulan handles her menstrual period in the military camp, as the bullet screen said (the bullet screen has produced talents since ancient times).

There are so many magical elements in the movie, the most unbearable is the appearance of tulou. The Northern Wei Dynasty and the Southern Dynasties were ruled by the river. Why did Hua Mulan, a southerner living in a tulou, do military service for the Northern Wei Dynasty? Mulan is obviously a northerner! Hakka tulou first appeared in the Song and Yuan Dynasties and took shape in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Hua Mulan could not enjoy it. This can reflect that the director and screenwriter are piecing together Chinese elements, and finally made a plate of General Tso's chicken. To say that this movie is General Tso's chicken is an overstatement. I have eaten General Tso's chicken and it tastes okay, but this movie is not easy to swallow.

The makeup of women also attracted ridicule from the entire Internet group.

Mulan (Liu Yifei)

Matchmaker (Zheng Peipei)

With a thick base of white powder, exaggerated eyebrows and eyeliner, and blush covering both cheeks, the women of the Northern Wei Dynasty wore makeup that was half Tang Dynasty and half Japanese geisha. Highlighting exoticism, ignoring historical facts, just to satisfy Westerners' lust for the East. In the consciousness of many Western film creators, the East is a whole, and there is no difference in time.

This film still adheres to the European and American cultural-centrism attitude, and depicts what they think is the East and the East, China and the Chinese story with unparalleled superiority. The exact reality is not important to them (in 2020, it is not difficult to understand the historical background), the value output is important: the stories they describe are subordinate to the European and American imagination of the mysterious China in the East. Cultural hegemony overrides the artistic value itself, and the film is not actually made for Chinese audiences.

I think there should be an excellent barrage for everyone to enjoy:

"Hunan Satellite TV doesn't dare to shoot like this!"

"The east market buys horses, the west market buys saddles, the south market buys bridles, the north market buys whips, and Mulan is a paying player!"

"Why is Mulan a cavalry soldier, while others are an infantry? Because Mulan can be "qi", fighting gas into a horse!"

The phoenix appeared in the valley:

"Who's flying the kite?"


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Mulan quotes

  • Mulan: [from TV spot] My father cannot fight, so I will take his place.

  • Xian Lang: [to Mulan; from trailer] You will die pretending to be something you are not.

    Mulan: Yet here I stand, proof that there is a place for people like us!

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