Some Opinions on Mulan and the Phenomenon of Mock Mulan

Leda 2022-04-21 09:02:02

First of all, as for the movie itself, it is quite satisfactory, but it can be regarded as a Disney real-life princess movie with a high degree of completion. The best part is the soundtrack, it fits the scene very well and many of them are played by traditional Chinese instruments, I like it very much. The biggest improvement of the plot compared to the cartoon is that it captures the core of "filial piety" in Mulan's original story (although the translation may not be reasonable). The original cartoon is very western-core search for oneself, including the central idea of ​​the theme song reflection. The live-action version not only shows Mulan's "loyalty, courage, and sincerity" qualities as a warrior, but also shows the root of the story, "filial piety", which is an improvement in my opinion. Of course there are also very western factors that I don't like: Chi, witches and black magic (the word comes out of the emperor's mouth when it is super playful), these factors are used to "dehumanize" Mulan, so Mulan is no longer an ordinary The ordinary people who became female generals through their own efforts, but saved the country because of their unique talents and found their true nature-this is very Western values ​​of personal heroism. This partially offsets the aforementioned progress in understanding Mulan's characters, and instead sits back to normal. Personal rating 6-6.5/10.

Let’s talk about the phenomenon of the group mocking Mulan. Everyone is extremely strict with this film, whether it is the performance, the scene, the cultural background, and the story, all of them are enlarged and captured. Maybe many people's expectations and positions on this are not in line with the Mulan movie. Mulan is a Disney live-action princess movie (bold here), one by one can be expanded.

First, "Disney" determines that it is destined to be a movie that tries to understand Chinese culture from a Western perspective. Objectively speaking, for a long time the West has peeped at the Eastern culture and has its imaginary part. From the "Travels of Marco Polo", the West only knew a little about the East. I have also read some famous Western novels, and many have a little understanding of the East, as long as it is not Malicious rumors and speculation do not feel offended. Because a person's cultural background determines his perspective of seeing things, it is difficult to completely eliminate its influence, but as long as I try my best to understand and interpret it, it will open up a tripartite perspective for me, who is infiltrated by the original culture. It's okay if they don't understand enough, just correct it the wrong way, because I'm willing to open up my cultural background to people who don't know much about it. To a certain extent, the anger at the Western world's misinterpretation of Chinese culture, and the inconsistency of the setting with historical facts, etc., reflect the strong national cultural self-esteem of the Chinese as a whole. However, we cannot turn our self-esteem into a fortress, refuse any interpretation and curiosity, and allow a little misreading and re-creation. If the fate of the expressor is to be misunderstood, is it the fate of cultural exchange to attack each other? —— Attacking the other party does not know enough about oneself, and at the same time scoffs at the other party's culture. This is ridiculous. If we want to carry out cultural output, we must have self-confidence and go through the stage of possible misunderstanding. At this stage, we need our cultural lovers to stand up to correct, guide and promote.

Second, about the re-creation of art. Works such as art literature and films will be recreated according to the large background frame. This is a work of fiction, not non-fiction and non-fiction. If you want to look at the detailed explanations of the dynasties of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, there is a lot of historical data on the study of Mulan, but the main task of the movie Mulan is not this. No reverts and some "ports" will be a pity for some, but please also note that this doesn't mean total disrespect. The core of Mulan As I said at the beginning, Disney has captured her essential qualities, but superfluously gave her an interpretation of an external force (Chi). People can dislike the plot or some interpretations, but it can't be said that Disney doesn't respect Mulan. If it is to vilify the spirit and image of Mulan, then it should be ridiculed by the group, but this movie did not. Most of the taunts I've seen are "it doesn't play out my way, so I hate it". Such disgust is no different from simple emotional venting. It is an individual's will to express worthy of respect, but it has never been really refuted, nor can it have any real influence. (I say this because, in my opinion, criticism is about raising and changing issues, not just venting.)

Regarding the re-creation, I would like to give a similar example - last year's Disney's live-action princess movie "Aladdin", isn't it also the Western world's imagination of the Arab world, but because we don't know enough about Arabia, we follow the West to watch the fun, many people It feels wonderful. (I'm not sure or remember the following examples, please correct me if I'm wrong.) For example, Aladdin pretends to be Prince Ali in Aladdin. Do those who talk about "precise restoration" and "cultural reproduction" also come forward to criticize it? To give another example that is closer to my country, last year's "Nezha" was a big hit. How many people came forward and said that this movie did not conform to the traditional Chinese culture of Nezha? Therefore, there are also many critics who have strong prejudices and standpoints, and they cannot convince people whether the criticism stems from standpoints or insights. Therefore, this is not a method that can have real influence.

Third, this is a "real-life princess movie", which requires more details and plot support than cartoons. At the same time, its main service targets are children and parents, and it is a family movie. This positioning determines that it cannot write a full and exciting plot that can withstand the careful scrutiny of fans and friends, but it needs to add some plots (and possibly new characters) on the basis of animation. It is qualified as long as it tells a smooth and complete story with a simple, direct and positive spiritual core. Mulan did it, and that's why it's what I said at the beginning of the series with a decent finish. Positioning determines its audience. If it is just to scold it, it may just be an emotional vent. For commercial films, whether it can meet the needs of the audience is the core of it.

To sum up, this is my opinion on the live-action film "Mulan" and some comments. Welcome to the rational discussion.

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  • Mulan: [from TV spot] My father cannot fight, so I will take his place.

  • Xian Lang: [to Mulan; from trailer] You will die pretending to be something you are not.

    Mulan: Yet here I stand, proof that there is a place for people like us!

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