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Kenyon 2022-04-21 09:02:02

Mulan was only released in Mainland China on September 11, but I watched it after Mulan was launched on Disney+ on September 4. To be honest, I was not very satisfied when I first watched it for a few reasons:

1. The platform does not have Chinese subtitles, so it is indeed a bit laborious to understand the meaning of the lines;

2. The setting of the film at the beginning is different from what I imagined, especially the appearance of "chi", which makes me feel very strange and even a little inexplicable;

3. The things the movie wants to express seems to be quite rich, but the fast pace of the movie makes the central idea a bit messy;

4. The viewing experience on small screens such as mobile phones and iPads is so poor that many special effects scenes do not feel particularly amazing;

5. Because of the rhythm of some yxh, I mistakenly think that the historical nature of the movie is very strong, completely forgetting that this is a live-action fairy tale adapted from an animated movie by Disney.

So after watching the soundtrack version, my mood is mixed.

After two days, I found a movie with Chinese and English subtitles on the Internet. This time I watched it on a 65-inch 4k HDTV, which greatly improved my viewing experience. Also because I have the impression of the lines after watching it for the first time, and this time I have Chinese subtitles, I can focus my attention back on understanding the ideas that the film wants to express. After reading it, I suddenly felt a little overwhelmed and wanted to watch it again.

On September 8th, after the pre-sale of the movie opened, I was the first to buy tickets for our show, and all the nearby theaters only had the Mandarin version. I was originally going to listen to the original sound at the cinema and re-feel the charm of the special effects, but I didn't expect the Mandarin version to give me a big surprise. First, there is no need to listen to English lines; second, the translation of the lines makes my understanding of many concepts in the movie suddenly clear.

First of all, the costumes, makeup, architecture, etc. that appear in the movie are all Chinese elements not to restore history, but to enhance the realism of the movie as much as possible. The scenes she presents are not necessarily Yes, I just want to make this story closer to reality, just like when we watch sci-fi movies, the audience will not take the scenes inside as real ones for granted.

Second, the Mandarin translates the word "chi" as "vigor," an energy hidden in every human body. Everyone has "vigor". Due to the particularity of the gender status in the long history, men can have "qualifications" and "conditions" to learn and control this energy from themselves, but people forget that women are also Humans, their bodies also have "vigor" deep in their bodies, and even some women's vitality is stronger than men's. How powerful? My understanding is that they know how to overcome toughness with softness, make good use of wisdom, and are good at turning their weaknesses into strengths and so on. Mulan, played by Liu Yifei, is such a woman, but she was taught to be gentle and demure like other women, to hide her strong and resolute side, and not to show her true self like a man does. Like the lyrics of let it go in Frozen "don't let them see, don't let them in, be the good girl you always have to be"

Finally, there are many hidden philosophies in the film that I didn't think of when I first watched it.

1. When Mulan came home from outside, she was told that she had been married. Although Mulan was a little disappointed, she agreed. This reflects a situation of ancient women: they can be said to have no right to choose at all in the matter of marriage, and this is just a microcosm. Putting on makeup before a blind date, and coming out after putting on makeup, was praised by my father (as a man), which seemed to say: women need makeup to look good, and makeup is to get praise from men. The thick makeup is like a mask, and a woman should hide herself behind the mask, whether she is angry or happy, no one else can see it, and no one can see it.

2. Mulan's father Hua Zhou has always been very fond of Mulan, but after the blind date failed, the matchmaker accused Hua's family of not teaching a good daughter in public, so he was criticized by the father who had a strong sense of honor and disgrace at that dinner table. , said that as a daughter, she was out of proportion and did not know how to correct her position. It is precisely because Mulan made herself lose the face of her family, so she disregarded her physical condition when recruiting soldiers, and still wanted to go to the battlefield to kill the enemy and make contributions to bring glory to the family (due to the tight connection of the plot, I felt that Hua Zhou seemed to be carrying On the one hand, it is because of his belief in "loyalty, courage and truth", and on the other hand, he also wants to let Mulan know that as a girl, only marrying a good family can bring glory to the family. But Mulan doesn't think so. She thinks that girls can also honor their ancestors by doing what men do. She wants to break traditional thinking and prove herself that joining the army for her father is not just about love for her family.

3. On the night Hua Zhou was about to join the army, he took out a jade pendant with the word filial piety engraved in the middle surrounded by a phoenix, echoing the phoenix statue standing in front of the Hua Family ancestral hall. The phoenix is ​​a mascot that blesses the Hua family from generation to generation, and also blesses Hua Zhou to resist foreign enemies for the country, survive the cruel war, and bring glory to the family.

4. Before the army set off, Mulan went to General Dong, wanting to confess that she was a daughter, but she got the general's appreciation and favor by mistake, and planned to betroth her daughter to her. Mulan showed a smile when she thanked General. This smile contained a hint of joy, but also a hint of shame.

5. Why did Mulan go after the enemy leader alone, instead of turning around and fleeing like the other two surviving cavalry? Because she understands that a real soldier and brave man will not be a deserter on the battlefield. Even if he is killed after catching up with the enemy, it is glorious.

6. When Mulan met Xianniang, Xianniang told her that because Mulan's identity was a lie, she couldn't focus on nothing else, and when she hid her true self, everything she did was meaningless. So Mulan, who woke up from a coma, finally understood that only by being true to herself can she earnestly and concentrate on accomplishing what she wants to do. She was also lucky and hoped that when she appeared in front of everyone with her true face, everyone could let go of the past and accept her. is a woman's identity. In this scene, the phoenix appears again. I think the current phoenix is ​​no longer the phoenix that guided Mulan before, but has been reborn just like Mulan. When she took off her battle armor, let go of her hair and rushed back to the battlefield, the firm and courageous eyes she showed were really handsome! With the magnificent reflection background music, my skin got goosebumps (actually, I think Mulan not only represents women, she represents all vulnerable groups who are not recognized by the world and are forced to hide their true self, don't be afraid of being discovered, Don't be afraid of being seen by others, you are who you are, only when you are your true self can you be fearless, then everything we do will have value and we can go where we want to go!)

7. When everyone was fighting conservatively, Mulan wisely thought of a way to use strength and strength to save the lives of comrades and destroy the enemy in a clever way. This is similar to Mulan being the only person who successfully climbed the top of the mountain during training. Women have the characteristics of patience and endurance, and the ability to make good use of energy is what Mulan excels at. She is a brave general or an elite weapon. The ability that the reckless man lacks.

8. Mulan came out of the snow and knelt in the snow to show her identity. She would rather be executed than removed from her name, because at this time, death was a relief for her. Although her name was removed, she saved her life. She couldn't go home because she had no face to go back, so she knelt on the top of the mountain and cried sadly. She would rather die on the battlefield like a soldier.

9. After hearing Baoli Khan say that she was just a servant to serve him, the fairy was actually shaken, so she wanted to convince Mulan to fight side by side with her to win their place .

10. At first, the fairy was selfish, but when she saw Mulan coming to the front of the temple, Mulan's words made her understand that she wanted to prove herself but embarked on a wrong path of helping the emperor and tyranny, thinking that this was the case. It can be looked down upon by the world, but it is not. People still regard her as a low-level alien. The accepted Mulan gave her hope. She felt that Mulan could change people's views on women like them from now on, which is why she was willing to sacrifice herself to become Mulan.

11. During the fight between Mulan and Khan, the sword in her hand fell into the molten lava. I think this also symbolizes that what was engraved on the sword belonged to her father, and the "loyalty and braveness" in the eyes of a man also followed. went.

12. The emperor grabbed the arrow shot by Khan, why didn't he just throw it back and kill him? Instead, throw it to Mulan and let her end Khan's life? I think it's because the emperor heard the conversation between Khan and Xianniang when he was tied, so he clearly knew that Mulan's purpose was not only to save himself, but also to prove her own ability, so this is what the emperor did to her An understanding, recognition and fulfillment.

13. When Mulan rode a horse and entered the gate of the tulou, the little girl who was playing looked at her with an incredible look. She must have been surprised that Mulan, as a woman, joined the army for her father and finally returned to her hometown in a shirt. This is an unimaginable existence for a little girl who has been taught that women should be quiet and virtuous since childhood.

14. When Mulan’s sister Xiu saw Mulan’s return, she said, “I have a lot of things to tell you.” But when Mulan asked her what was going on, Xiu first thought that she was engaged. Here you can see that Mulan and Mulan are married. Different from traditional women, other women regard things like marriage as important, but Mulan regards ''being able to do what she wants to do, without having to hide herself'' as an important thing.

15. When the lieutenant general said that Mulan "saved the country in danger, the society and the people should be grateful to her", the reaction of the matchmaker who was also a woman was not pride, but a feeling that the sky was falling. The image of the matchmaker is like an inherent image of women in the old society, and her reaction is exactly the meaning of Mulan challenging the tradition and then winning.

16. The emperor commented on Mulan's "loving family is for filial piety, a valuable quality", rather than the filial piety of children to their parents' orders in the traditional sense, which is love with responsibility and respect. After Mulan returned home, Mulan said that she understood her father’s decision to go to the battlefield regardless of her life. Hua Zhou admitted her pride, expressed her apology and guilt to Mulan, and also said that she would leave Mulan without saying goodbye, and she wanted to be herself and realize her self-worth. Therefore, this kind of filial piety is a kind of love of equality, respect and mutual understanding. The words "loyalty, brave and true filial piety" engraved on the sword bestowed by the emperor to Mulan are also a succinct summary of Mulan's journey. It belongs to Mulan, with four words with a new meaning behind it.

17. Several of Liu Yifei's tears and crying scenes are particularly appropriate: the distressed tears when watching his father's trembling hands holding the sword; the tears of watching his parents and sisters sleep peacefully before leaving; Tears of guilt when I came home; tears of relief when I came home to see my father understood.

18. Fairy's fight scenes and Mulan's fight scenes are really exciting, clean and not sloppy. The avalanche effect in a movie theater is amazing! How wise the Mulan kiss scene was deleted! The handsome Mulan can do business with peace of mind! The kiss scene is superfluous. However, it is a little regretful that Mulan is not seen on the battlefield pulling the sword flower against the enemy in the feature film. Why is this scene not cut in?

19. The several appearances of the phoenix are all meaningful: the first time, the ancestors appeared to lead the way for Mulan; the second time, when Mulan decided to be herself, it implied Mulan's nirvana and rebirth, symbolizing "truth"; the third time Appeared on Mulan's way back to the barracks. The fourth time was to gain the trust of everyone. After being accepted, she was ready to take her comrades to save the emperor, which symbolized Mulan's "loyalty"; the fifth time she fought with Khan, the big battle unfolded. The wings symbolize Mulan's "courage"; the last time Mulan appeared after returning home, soaring over the top of the ancestral hall in the earth building, symbolizing Mulan's "filial piety".

20. I believe that audiences who are willing to explore the spiritual core conveyed by the image of the film will definitely interpret the large and small details in the film, and hope to find in the film such as "self-identity", "equal love and family relationship", " If you have something to hide, you will have scruples, if you have nothing to hide, you will have nothing to be afraid of” and other spirits of personal liberalism, and will not only focus on film clothing, because these are superficial things, and what is really worth exploring is The values ​​the film wants to convey.

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