Failed Mulan

Jayde 2022-04-22 07:01:22

I don’t know if there is a problem with the values ​​or the fusion of the East and the West has failed. In short, I think Mulan’s speech has a certain anti-war thinking. The country was invaded and forced to recruit troops. She went on an expedition on behalf of her father. After ten years of hardships in the military camp, as an ordinary girl, she could be as brave and fearless as a warrior. In the end, she defended her country and returned triumphantly, instead of a princess Long Aotian who was born with anger and turned into a phoenix, on the battlefield. It's been broken after a few months of fighting, and it can still influence the enemy

In short, the whole idea is neither foreign nor foreign. If you want to cater to the current thinking of big women and strong women, why not completely break the tradition, all loyalty and filial piety are all scumbags, describing a person who is open and hanging, who has been different since childhood, or even good Fighting, active, more active in life and war, and hoping to establish her own meritorious deeds, Hua Mulan, the chosen daughter, is also stronger than now

I also wanted to please the Chinese people for being loyal and filial. as inexplicable as the witch

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  • Marley 2021-11-23 08:01:14

    1.0 All-round bad, you don’t have to criticize the well-known Liu Yifei’s poor acting skills. She is really not the worst one. The director is much worse than Liu Yifei. The scheduling is simply nonsense. There are many inexplicable lens design, storyboarding, and editing. The script is used indiscriminately over the axis, and the camera is rotated indiscriminately. The script follows the usual Disney animation and changes, almost unchanged. If I can accept the logic of the plot under the pretext of showing children to the animation, then the live-action movie is still so. Hulai, I absolutely can't accept it. There are bugs everywhere, let alone the characters. In the end, I don't know where the investment in this film was spent. Is it really used for special effects? Complete web texture, game texture. I really didn’t find even the slightest advantage in this movie

  • Jamil 2022-03-27 09:01:06

    It's a waste of time, you can change your name, it really has nothing to do with the story of Mulan itself

Mulan quotes

  • Bori Khan: [from final official trailer; to his fellow soldiers] When we take the Imperial City... I will take revenge--for my *father*!

  • Hua Li: [to Hua Zhou, after he accepts his conscription scroll] You're a war hero; you've already made many great sacrifices.