'Mulan': Disney Triumph, Movie Crackdown

Sheila 2022-04-23 07:01:59

5.0 points. The film itself can barely get a 5.5, but out of disgust with Disney's series of practices over the past decade, another 0.5 has to be dropped.

I can understand and accept Disney's misinterpretation, misinterpretation, and pandering to Chinese culture in "Mulan". This is an inevitable choice for spreading globalization -- this incident in itself is not enough to become Disney's original sin. But I can't accept that this story is so retarded, trite and boring.

The biggest problem with it is that everything is child's play, and when this story and this aesthetic are presented in animation, I can still stand it, but when Disney insists on bringing this story to life without upgrading, I will Totally broken.

All of them are tools, all their serious expressions and serious lines I find very funny, all the heavy scenes are very much like elementary school students who can't write essays and have internal injuries, all the action scenes are made I think Donnie Yen and Li Lianjie are struggling to make fast money and even pretending to be. All the war scenes seem to be seducing Disney's finances to check the accounts of this project. This?

"Mulan" made me realize once again the incompatibility between fairy tale narratives and live-action images, or a natural sense of dislocation, but this problem is not unsolvable. It is also a fairy tale. For Tim Burton, he can use a highly authored visual style to cover up the poverty and weakness of the story, and even make it the center of the expression of the work, but for Nicky Carroll, he has no vision at all. For the director of the imprint, this naive fairy tale feeling has become the root of all mediocrity.

Audiences need waking dreams, so there are movies and Disney.

Disney started with animation, but in this era, animation faces great challenges. The distance between animated films and live-action films is getting closer and closer, and maybe one day they will be indistinguishable from each other. The audience's subconscious recognition and pursuit of animation remakes of real people also directly reflects that our need for dream-making has reached an unprecedented height - real illusions have become one of the highest requirements of the audience for movies.

In the boost of modern technology, the content that can be created by the animation cluster represented by Disney is being reproduced and replaced by a realistic picture. This is the market demand for reality, and the meaning of animation has been weakened. .

Even in this case, Disney did not use enough energy to explore more possibilities of animation and strengthen its irreplaceability. Instead, the value of the animation itself is constantly weakened in a live-action way. The constant use of new technologies to reproduce old content is the tragedy of real-life movies, but it is the repetition, exploitation, and squeeze that Disney brand operations inevitably require.

Disney's triumph, the movie's failure.

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Extended Reading

Mulan quotes

  • Mulan: [from TV spot] My father cannot fight, so I will take his place.

  • Xian Lang: [to Mulan; from trailer] You will die pretending to be something you are not.

    Mulan: Yet here I stand, proof that there is a place for people like us!

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