Movie tickets are worse than milk tea

Bernice 2022-04-23 07:01:59

Today, I must have been dazed with happiness by Siwen's meeting, so I had the courage to buy a movie ticket. The attendance rate I saw when I entered the venue was like this

There are less than 20 people in the entire giant screen theater. The reality is so cruel. Sitting alone in the eighth row is a bit lonely, but fortunately there are mothers and sons who are long overdue and a little brother with a sound effect of knocking melon seeds.

After reading it, the first impression is that 45 yuan is not good for you. You can add toppings if you order two cups of milk tea.

I really regret not taking Ms. Zheng to watch it together, so that I can still watch her reaction, so as not to be bored watching the big brother on the left nibbling melon seeds and the children on the right posing.

I saw that all the up masters I liked said not to watch it, and I thought, how ugly it is. Therefore, people always have to grow up alone after being beaten by society. It's not that I know that there are tigers in the mountains and prefer to walk in the mountains. This means that if I don't do it, I won't waste two cups of milk tea and two precious hours of my life ರ_ರ ರ_ರ.

Therefore, the standard Chinese translation of Chinese faces with familiar Asian faces does not have subtitles. I still think that the "male protagonist" of the evil, maddened villain-faced soldier is called "regret"? Anyway, I heard Mulan shouting like this with empty ears, maybe it was my inner voice.

And why does Mulan make a Crayon Shin-chan sound when she wears men's clothes?

Why does Mulan have to travel long distances to go to the barracks in response to the conscription? She fainted through the snowy mountains, jungles, deserts, karst landforms, and then was led by a paper phoenix to get to the barracks? Yes, there is no Mushu dragon anymore, and it has become a paper paper flying like a kite. Phoenix.

Then the phoenix is ​​also a tool phoenix, does it not affect the plot at all, maybe the director regards it as a symbol or something, it turns out that it is not necessary.

Mulan went after the enemy by herself on the battlefield. Suddenly Gong Li appeared and gave her a dart. Then she suddenly woke up and pulled out the dart (there was no blood in the whole movie, so I don't know her Are you injured), suddenly took off his helmet and armor on the battlefield (so to face the real self is to take off your jacket➕ hair), and then ran back to the battlefield (so why did you just run away? So free, General Dong is just a decoration Well, don't care about running around on the battlefield).

The Hua Mulan who returned to the battlefield is on the hook. Become an eagle, fight against a hundred, etc. But ordinary people will be very afraid and call such women witches. Listen to this setting, the new member of the X-Men "Yuan Qi·Mulan" can make his debut). Because she dared to face her true self, Hua Mulan liberated her "vigor" (the Mandarin version I read, I'm embarrassed when I hear this word once).

Gong Li is also playing an old tool man. It's really miserable. Why do you keep calling the actor's name because I haven't heard her name at all. She obviously has the ability to be a shape-shifting woman. She hangs up everything for the first 90 minutes and feels self-reliant. Wangdu is a piece of cake. However, she surrendered because of the villain's words, and then because Hua Mulan could lead the army (General Dong is really the most indifferent general, because Mulan had news and let Hua Mulan lead the army? How did you get the position of the general? ) then turned his back and defended Hua Mulan's arrows. Isn't it very strong? The old emperor could take arrows with his bare hands and shoot them backhand, so why did he have to die?

Speaking of the emperor, he is very cold. There are ten Yuba above the dragon chair. Every time I see him sitting on the dragon chair, "The Light of the Right Way" starts to play in my mind. This role should be looking for Huang Bo. There is also the emperor who is obviously very powerful. He flew up with red silk, and finally when he was empty-handed on the scaffolding at the construction site, his face was written "I still use you to save me".

right light

I was too lazy to complain about the chaos of this movie dynasty. When the Fujian Tulou came out, I gave up. However, during the war, the nomads used trebuchets to attack, and our army could only be beaten. It's really magical.

As for the "loyalty, brave and honest" that the movie repeatedly emphasizes, it is really all in the slogan. I really don't want to complain anymore, these two hours have been so magical, I want to forget.

If the melon seeds from the little brother next to me were not too fragrant and told me that I was still in the theater, I really felt that I was sleepwalking.

In the middle of the movie, the child sitting obediently on the right became Ge You paralyzed just like me. Then we paralyzed to the end together.

There are too many slots in ps, and it can't be written at all.

It is a pity that Sister Shenxian and a group of excellent Chinese actors are all tools of the director.

Liu Yifei is really beautiful.

However, if you have 45 yuan, go buy milk tea. Really, you will at least be happy because of the milk tea.

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