Such a complex proposition is so in place

Adela 2022-04-19 09:01:47

There are too many things that the movie wants to express, I am afraid it cannot bear it.

1. The meaning of green zone. American-style self-delusional victory and occupation. The Green Zone is like a theme park, a deliberately created dream and fantasy. Outside the Green Zone is a bloody, bleak life.

2. The truth of the lie. The so-called WMD is nothing more than a threat exaggerated by the intelligence agencies to suit the tastes of the authorities.

3. The price of error. Disbanding the Iraqi army after the occupation is considered the biggest decision-making mistake of the United States after the main battle. It is very easy to overthrow an authority. The key is how to re-establish it. The political ambitions of the military in the Middle East should never be underestimated. The biggest failure was to force the non-resistance forces that could have cooperated on Liangshan to break the only pillar capable of controlling the situation. The beginning of chaos.

4. The chaos of reconstruction. As everyone knows, in the Middle East, only an iron-handed superman like Saddam can hold Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds together, and exiled leaders who "know no one" are certainly unable to prevent the division of the country. Looking at the difficult process of forming a cabinet today, even if the new government is established in the chaos, the huge gap will not be bridged, and the former hegemony in the Middle East will collapse like this.

5. Political struggle. Pentagon, CIA, State Department, the interests of the departments are intricate, and the internal struggles are intriguing. Fighting against one's own people is never less difficult than fighting against the enemy.

The Iraq War was an irreversible tragedy based on the wrong reasons. true tragedy.

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Green Zone quotes

  • [repeated line]

    Miller: I'll keep it in mind.

  • Miller: At least tell me how it happened. How does this happ... how does someone like you write something that's not true? Tell me.

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