We know a lot, we know very little

Ladarius 2022-04-19 09:01:47

It doesn't take long to see the Green Zone, and it doesn't take you to think about it, to see that it's the style of Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass. In fact, the alley chase is exactly the same as Spy Shots, with shaky footage, strong noise, and dim light. . . . But this time, Roy Miller and Bonn are no longer the same. Bonn can learn the truth and change the course of events through his own efforts. But although Roy did not have amnesia, he had his subordinates who could help, and even had the secret support of the CIA, but in the face of the huge state apparatus, he was incapable of doing anything except reveal the facts. At the end of the email, it seems that the aggrieved Chinese have no way to complain about their rights, so they wrote a letter to provoke a name, that's all.

As for what Roy revealed, we actually knew it for a long time. The so-called weapons of mass destruction are just an excuse for Americans to send troops. Powell, who has always been considered more reliable, has also lied actively or passively. Until American soldiers invaded Baghdad, until Saddam was hanged. We seem to know a lot about similar situations.

But in our eyes, this is the clearest "war of aggression". Why is there not too many accusations in the world today? Why do Iraqi people, in fact, welcome the arrival of Americans more? On the contrary, our self-defense counterattack against India and Vietnam, as well as the US-Aid Korea war, so far not only are the world's public opinion still one-sided, but the targets of our rescue often face each other with wicked faces?

Perhaps, this is because Americans have green zones, field platoons, war apocalypse, Fahrenheit 911, and we have nothing. . . . .

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