[2010] Green Zone

Alice 2022-04-20 09:01:40

Those who were expecting Agent Matt Damon to be
invincible again, are
probably going to be disappointed this time.
The same is the risk of celibacy and single-mindedness,
but this time it can't shake the whole situation head-on.

He is not an invincible lone hero,
but an ordinary warrant officer.
He has his superiors, superiors,
and even the entire state apparatus.
Besides, being a soldier means first and foremost obedience.

Secondly, he set foot on the land of other countries, and he
did not have the driving force to overthrow everything.
Normal intelligence, integrity of conscience,
adhere to principles, dare to face,
that's all.

Presumably it has been acting as the "world police" for too long, and
Americans have become accustomed to it.
When people all over the world know that the
"big killer" is just a pretext to start a war.
But only the American people themselves,
still naively and stubbornly believed.

Or rather, they simply don't bother to care.
There is no difference between "global" and "national" at all.
And the warrant officer in this film is just,
from dizzy to gradually sober.
A person's sobriety does not help the overall situation,
but we always hope that "a single spark can start a prairie fire".

Probably only more
sober, honest and brave people exist, so that
we will not be too pessimistic about the world.

The plot is a little thin,
but the narrative flow is quite well-organized.
The whole film has maintained a high sense of tension.
One after another conflicts and confrontations have
created a good war scene.

The constant switching and shaking of the lens
is a rather stupid trend in the photography industry in recent years.
Fortunately, Matt Damon doesn't have to jump up and down this time, and
the occasional static perspective can also effectively relieve eye fatigue.
However, frequent night operations
still fill the picture with a lot of noise.

The character settings are decent,
but only on the American side.
For the Iraqi people, it
is still quite distorted.

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    Miller: I'll keep it in mind.

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