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Felicia 2022-04-20 09:01:40

Matt Damon's films have always been so interesting, more thoughtful, and discussed.
Regarding the reason for launching the Iraq War, US lieutenant Roy discovered through the mission that there were no weapons of mass destruction at all, so he launched an investigation, and together with the FBI chief who also questioned the matter, he finally found the key person in the incident, codenamed Magellan. At the same time, he was stopped by senior Washington officials who created false reasons and released false information. The key person who instinctively revealed the truth was finally killed by the lame Iraqi fellow who also knew the truth, and taught Soldier Roy: These things are out of your control.
This is politics. Everyone knows a secret thing, but it must not be exposed. Instead, we must protect our face and move forward. When we reach the end, we must ask why, and then we will understand that the political cloak includes power, transfer, etc. Das Kapital has long exposed it. thing. However, it cannot be said that even a small group of people in a powerful country betrayed the people and the spiritual foundation of the country. It was a game, and ordinary people were not qualified to participate.
In the film, the guy named Magellan, a high-ranking Iraqi official, said that I told you in 1991 that we had stopped the plans for weapons of mass destruction, and you believed it, but the war should still be waged, why? Do you think that taking Baghdad is victory? NO. The war has only just begun. So Bush's speech about the victory of the war was later confirmed to be a naive joke.
Americans have a spirit, that is, everyone really thinks that they are the real masters of the country, and they demand themselves and do things with that sense of parental responsibility to insist on the truth of things and maintain the trust of the people; you are a senior official. ? Che, that's just your job, it doesn't mean you're a virtuous gentleman. The Chinese people have always had a misunderstanding since ancient times, that is, the moral character of high-ranking officials must also be high. Mr. Lu Xun has long pointed out that this is wrong. In terms of patriotism, we need to learn the spirit and thinking mode of the Yankees.

In addition, as an aside, Matt Damon has always been a Hollywood talent. He can write, direct and act. This guy is really good.

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  • Citlalli 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    Gamified film, anti-ideological input film.

  • Summer 2022-03-25 09:01:08

    The name of the green zone is very good. A few simple strokes show the contrast between the green zone and the lives of the surrounding Iraqi people! There is also the lame uncle, he is the soul of the whole film, he is the theme that Paul wants to express, his actions and lines in the climax! It's just that the others still need a little polish, but this may lead to another trilogy---------

Green Zone quotes

  • Martin Brown: I want you to tell him not to talk to the American interrogators.

    Miller: I thought we were all on the same side?

    Martin Brown: Don't be naïve...

  • Miller: When you peddled that shit in DC, did they know it was a lie? Or did they just never bother to ask?

    Clark Poundstone: Okay, okay. Come on, none of this matters anymore. WMD? This doesn't matter.

    Miller: [grabs Poundstone angrily and forcefully] What the fuck you talking about? Of course it fucking matters! The reasons we go to war always matter! It's all that matters! It fucking matters!