Carry forward the line of socialism with American characteristics

Jacklyn 2022-04-21 09:01:55

Under the instruction of Comrade Ou Guanhai, the leader of the American people, the whole film closely focuses on the core values ​​of the party, deeply exposes the imperialist lackey Bush and his reactionary and anti-people puppet government, and shows us how the imperialist bureaucrats want to The ugly face of keeping one's black gauze hat at all costs and even attacking compatriots expresses the ardent expectation of the American people to unite under the banner of the party, bear in mind the history, face the future, and make their own contributions to world peace. We believe that, under the wise leadership of General Secretary Ao Guanhai, the American people will definitely learn from their pains, pay attention to their party spirit, pay attention to their conduct, and work with people of other countries to create a better future for all mankind, instead of taking the old path of capitalism and imperialism, reactionary and corrupt governments. Open a new chapter in the new era!

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  • Christiana 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    I've watched it so many times but I can't stop watching this movie~

  • Sarai 2022-03-25 09:01:08

    That's how Americans can be so truthful

Green Zone quotes

  • Martin Brown: I want you to tell him not to talk to the American interrogators.

    Miller: I thought we were all on the same side?

    Martin Brown: Don't be naïve...

  • Miller: When you peddled that shit in DC, did they know it was a lie? Or did they just never bother to ask?

    Clark Poundstone: Okay, okay. Come on, none of this matters anymore. WMD? This doesn't matter.

    Miller: [grabs Poundstone angrily and forcefully] What the fuck you talking about? Of course it fucking matters! The reasons we go to war always matter! It's all that matters! It fucking matters!