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Baghdad, Iraq, US military bombs Iraqi senior officials at night
, and Matt Damon leads a team to a building to find weapons of mass destruction. Iraqi civilians loot supplies on the street. There was a sniper inside. The U.S. military shot the sniper downstairs and killed the sniper. The U.S. military put on biochemical suits, but did not find a lethal weapon. Matt Damon questioned the source of the news because it was the third intelligence error.
During the American meeting The CIA questioned the government's policy toward Iraq. A senior
Iraqi official was meeting in a room and was found by a lame
man and reported to the U.S. Army. Ni sent
Matt to raid the room. The high-ranking officer escaped. It was confirmed that the person in the meeting in the room was Plum, who was wanted on playing cards. An Iraqi general. The
camera kept
moving. The prisoner and a Ben Matt were punched by a special forces officer. During the fight, Matt put Ben to the lame. The captive was taken away by the special forces
. Find CIA agent wmd - weapons
of mass destruction I know that there is no wmd, the source of the fake information, I don't understand where it comes from. Every action is empty. Clark fabricated Iraq's wmd, which gave the United States a reason to declare war on Iraq. Clark found a female reporter and gave her a source to report on Iraq. wmd

Clark pretended to try to get Matt to stand on his side. Matt refused Matt to learn something from the female reporter. Clark got the book from Martin through the authorization of the Pentagon. According to the address on the book, he sent the Iraqi killer to kill Al Ravi. Matt rescued a man
and told him he wanted to see Al Ravi Matt followed a person and got caught in an ambush and was beaten in a house by Al Ravi. Matt told him that he knew Iraq had no wmd. It was the US government who deceived him Al Rah Wei told him that the U.S. government was going to give him a place in Iraq. Matt's team called for an American soldier who was caught. Special forces were also tracking Matt and Al Rawi. The special forces who wanted to kill them came to Al Rawi to escape. Matt chased the US air target helicopter was shot down by the RPG Matt chased with the commander of the special forces to Al Ravi, the commander of the special forces was about to shoot and was knocked down by Matt An Iraqi shot and killed the commander of the special forces Matt shot and killed that The Iraqi man Al Ravi wanted to surrender. Crip shot and killed him. Crip hated him for saying that he brought disaster to Iraq. Matt let the lame go.
Matt wrote a document and found Clark and gave him the document as well
. An Iraqi who has been in exile took power and brought Iraqi democratic society. During the meeting, many Iraqis disagreed and did not want to be an American puppet. The venue was in chaos.
Matt emailed the material to all the media about the truth about Magellan. The false wmd female reporter also received it. When I saw the material, the female reporter smiled comfortably. Matt wore camouflage and drove a Hummer on the streets of Iraq. The movie ended.

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    In fact, it is a political film; the U.S. military is extremely efficient!

Green Zone quotes

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    Miller: I'll keep it in mind.

  • Miller: At least tell me how it happened. How does this happ... how does someone like you write something that's not true? Tell me.