A world of sand

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To see a world in a grain of sand, And a
heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinitely in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

—William Blake Horton Hears a Who! is a surprisingly simple film about Horton the Elephant single-handedly saving a nameless town living on tiny dust. At the same time, it contains deep philosophical connotations, which can be regarded as a masterpiece in simple language, suitable for children over 3 years old to watch. humble. Don't think you are the master of the world and ignore other creatures. Equality can magnify your life. Horton the giant elephant heard the sound coming from a speck of dust on the alfalfa flower. He did not ignore the existence of this tiny world because of his size. Instead of arrogantly seeing himself as a creature higher than the Nameless, he made friends with them and made fun of them. Could it be that the planet we live in is the world of a nameless town, and outside the vast universe, an unknown Horton overheard the gasps of our tiny creatures? Should we also regard the little creatures of nature as our friends, watch the ant colony do a relay run, and listen to the chorus of the bee colony? trust.

From the very beginning, Houghton overheard the voice from the nameless town, and he firmly believed that in this tiny speck of dust, there lived an unknown world. And the mayor of the unknown town did not have any doubts about the existence of the giant elephant Horton. It is the trust of both parties that makes communication possible again and again. Kangaroo doesn't trust Holden and makes things difficult for him everywhere, almost destroying the world of Anonymous. The residents of the town listened to the instigation, distrusted the mayor, and almost committed suicide in the dance of Yinggeyan. In the end, the kangaroos headed by the animals who opposed Horton believed in Horton and the existence of this tiny world, and the residents of the town also believed in the mayor and the existence of that huge world, and everything since then. Taiping, the two worlds are happy and harmonious.


Houghton is determined to bring long-term security to the unnamed town by sending them to the top of a mountain undisturbed. Since then, he has been single-mindedly rushing to the finish line, no matter how difficult the road is, no matter how many animals come to make trouble. Horton was disappointed, but not disappointed, when the vultures tossed the dust-laden alfalfa flowers into the lush foliage. To fulfill this promise to his friend, he desperately searched one by one among the alfalfa bushes. Three million alfalfa flowers! Perhaps it was Horton's perseverance that moved God, he miraculously found the lost alfalfa, and the friends of the two worlds reunited.


When Horton was unanimously believed by everyone to confuse the public and wanted to bind and cook him, I thought of Bruno at the stake. Is the earth the center of the universe, or is the sun the center of the universe? Sun, eternal sun! Bruno died generously. Is there a so-called world in this speck of dust? Exist, must exist, because I hear their voices! Horton felt that truth was more important than life. Thus, he won the truth, but also won the life, and won the trust, won the friendship, won the freedom and happiness.

Although we are all as small as the nameless people, when we are capitalized people, we must take the responsibility on our shoulders like Holden.

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Horton Hears a Who! quotes

  • Katie: In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.

  • The Mayor of Who-ville: Seriously, who is this? Is this Burt from accounting?

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