The world of flowers is undisturbed, just waiting for your protection

Eula 2022-04-21 09:01:53

In the movie, the Elephant Cosmos eruption is too dynamic. Haha,

I haven't finished watching it for almost two weeks. I stopped intermittently and wrote down the Russian language,
but the story is very warm. I will read this book to my children in the future.
No matter how small others see you, you must have a big world inside.
Believe that there is a whole world in every flower.

Never thought that our world
looks peaceful like this. In a turbulent little planet, the

elephant Horton guards his flowers, just like the fox waiting for the wheat field, the little prince guards the rose

. Everything makes sense.

It's not because we're small, but because we're so

big that we've forgotten why we searched and found out why we insist on
guarding what is the meaning of

this world is beautiful and dangerous, little sorrows and joys are nothing
as long as you can hear me, hear me On the small balcony of my

dormitory, I started to grow a unique flower here.
Before, the leaves were small and burrs. Later, I changed to a large flower pot
and watered it carefully, taking care not to loosen the soil so as not to touch the roots that grabbed the soil on the surface
. There are more and more little flowers.
I also have expectations every day

. Someone once said that if you talk to it more, it will grow up. But I don't have a good voice, and it's embarrassing to talk to myself
with a loudspeaker with energy penetration. I'm so shy, I just look at it with joy. Anyway, at least you have experienced such a thing other than the daily sunshine. My eyes are growing slowly, I am not a hero by my side, but I will try my best to protect you and become a flower. You don’t have to be strong, just bloom with confidence. Hey, do you know what your Russian husband says, Муж is Мужество shorthand for


mushroom mushroom it won't bloom mr do you still love her

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