Hollywood animation version of "The Wandering Earth": a masterpiece missed by the world

Melisa 2022-04-21 09:01:53

Eleven years ago, Hollywood Studios Blue Sky created an animation about a speck of dust and the wandering story of the life that lives on it. From the plot point of view, it is the animated version of Wandering Earth.


On a peaceful and beautiful morning in the near future, a few drops of dew that understand the butterfly effect gathered together and slipped from the tips of the tall green leaves, hitting a round and hard fruit.

The fallen fruit ran all the way and rushed towards the sunflower that had been quiet in the valley for a long time. A grain of dust on the sunflower suffered, and it was bounced off by the impact and floated all the way to the Nuer Forest.

The solar system became dangerous, and the people of Earth were forced to find another home.


Halton, the elephant in Noor Forest, got up in the morning to face the sun, and his ears were big, so he heard a cry for help. I'm hallucinating, he thought.

Several children peeking at his bath appeared in front of him. Holden the elephant is very popular with children. He is optimistic, positive, funny, kind, and full of fantasy.

But in the eyes of adults, these words are stupid, funny, rebellious, childish and malicious. The kangaroo mother, who actually has the right to speak in the forest, is a typical adult. She kept her son in her pocket and never let him have contact with the outside world.


Halton heard the screams again. He was sure the scream was coming from a speck of dust drifting in front of him.

So, he chased and started to rescue the dust.

The establishment of the outer space station on the wandering earth - of course, this is more like a giant in the universe - maybe it is just the power of technology that decides to help the small people on earth.

The Monkey Corps' first appearance is to tease Halton with banana missiles.

Halton chased for a long time, and finally took down the dust, which he placed on top of a beautiful pink alfalfa flower.

The first step in the earth's search for a new home is to use a pusher to stop the earth's rotation .

At this time, the mother kangaroo came. First, she told Halton that there could be no one on the dust, and second, she hoped that he would be normal like an adult.

If he didn't follow the rules, he would drive Halton out of the forest.

But our protagonist must adhere to the principle, he will not be intimidated by intimidation, even if the intimidation actually happens later.


Holden was right. On the dust is Huhu Town, where the Huhu people live. They live a safe and happy life. They only know the good news, but they don't know that they live on a speck of dust.

Mayor Mai Duoduo is a nonsense, he has ninety-six daughters and one son.

The position of mayor is hereditary, and his son Qiao Qiao does not want to succeed, and goes to the old observatory every day to relieve loneliness.

The mayor found that the nearest town was a little unusual from the weather to the surface.

But the council is organizing the Centennial Celebration of Huhu Town and doesn't take his proposal seriously at all.

And just after the report was over, Halton and the mayor had their first air-to-air conversation.

McDodo didn't believe his world was just a speck of dust at first, and saw Halton as a prankster hiding in a water pipe. Until Halton casually changed the weather in Huhu Town...


The chance encounter and the magical interweaving made Mai Duoduo know the truth of the end of the world, but he also faced huge resistance.

Huhu Town, like the near-future Earth, is a highly aggregated society, and the town council thinks Mai Duoduo is an idiot.

The nonsensical mayor was considered crazy by everyone, including his wife - but when McDodo told the truth, she did not hesitate to believe her husband.

It's like Grandpa Duoduo going to the surface to save the child.


Noor Forest is dangerous. Holden had just promised his friend Modern that he would not talk about Huhuzhen. But I couldn't help but tell my friends -- a few children.

Nuer Forest is varied and full of dangers for Huhu Town.

He planned to send Huhu Town to Mount Nuer.

And so began an adventure full of hardships and dangers.

This is another suitable habitat that the earthlings are desperately searching for when the solar system is destroyed.

Meanwhile the children of the whole forest are fascinated by flowers.

Including the kangaroo mother's son, the kangaroo mother was furious. She finds Halton, but Halton is unwilling to hand over the alfalfa, his principle is "all things are created equal, no matter how small".

His insistence annoyed the kangaroo mother, and the kangaroo mother naturally wanted to give him some color.

Going to the top of the mountain is not necessarily a road, but also a bridge.

Halton, who nearly fell to his death, danced the first thing he did after crossing the bridge. Every day without dancing is a disappointment to life. Just then another danger approached.

The helper found by mother kangaroo, Vera, the vulture who kills without blinking.

But Halton, who knew the news, never gave up. All things are created equal, and most importantly, he promised the mayor.

Mighty Elephant! Look dead!


Vera was a flying animal after all, and he took the dust and played with Halton, and threw the alfalfa flowers down the valley—the whole valley was a sea of ​​pink alfalfa flowers.

Magnificently beautiful and poignantly beautiful scene. Can't help but want to post a few more pictures.

There are more than three million flowers here, and Halton searched for only 9,005 flowers all day.

However, hard work pays off.


Of course the problem is not solved yet. Even when the end is near, the townspeople still don't trust the mayor.

On the other hand, the kangaroo mother, who learned that Vera's failure, organized the adults of Noor Forest, made a generous statement, and arrested Halton with the just and fair reason of "for the child".

Halton struggled to explain.

The residents of Huhu Town heard the conversation from the outside world and began to realize the seriousness of the problem, and desperately shouted to prove their existence.

But the sound was obscured by thick clouds, and only Halton, who had big ears, could hear it.

How can we break the Roche limit? Ignite Jupiter! However, it's just a short distance away.

The mother kangaroo threw the dust-laden alfalfa flowers into the boiling oil pan.

The earth has reached the "fluid Roche limit" of the ground wood, just when it will enter the "rigid body Roche limit" of the ground wood.

Qiao Qiao let out an earth-shattering roar, this is the crucial 300,000 tons of fuel from the space station Liu Peiqiang!

The kangaroo mother's son heard it and bravely held out his little hand.


Huhuzhen was saved, Nuer Forest realized the dignity of life, and Halton's loyalty also came to fruition.

At this moment, many animals raised their heads on the road, the camera was zoomed out, and the Nuer Forest was just a small speck of dust.

This animation touched many people a few years ago. Especially Halton's optimistic attitude, unremitting perseverance, and kindness always maintained when faced with difficulties.

How could the universe be just the law of the dark forest?

This animation is beyond the age group, its language and every frame of the picture are wonderful and full of great fun.

There are imitations of human works of art, black comments on the phenomenon of beauty more than ten years ago, ironic satires on kangaroos and the huge power of parliament, warmth and humor for children, and serious issues in adult education. .

I have to say, "Houghton Adventures" (and "Houghton and the Anonymous" translation is different) is really a masterpiece not to be missed! And I can't even show a tenth of its wonderful content!

What else does this story tell us? Maybe you can see more.

Pay attention to the public account " Yangsu Pavilion " backstage and reply " Horton Adventures " to watch the whole film.

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