Don't let the elephant sit on the ground

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Is Mr. Sai always right?

Our lives are always full of people who say the word "science" in their mouths. After buying sausage-filled pancakes on the street, you see "science with nutrition" printed on the paper wrapping the pancakes, but you don't know it. The owner's son who bought pancakes last night threw his socks that he had not washed for 5 days on the pancake plate, and was scolded by his mother this morning.

It is not intended to belittle the spirit of advocating scientific method and theory or the spirit of experimentation related to science, but when you meet a child in your life who puts a speck of dust on a flower like a treasure, and carefully agrees with it. You say he has discovered a secret - this dust is inhabited by a group of people just like us, how would you feel?

Something like this - "He must be crazy"?

Or is it like this - "This child is very imaginative, but unfortunately, he is a fool"?

When you are thinking passionately about how to use the physics knowledge you have learned from textbooks and some fragmented scientific theories heard from your teacher, have you thought about another meaning of "one flower, one world"?

A magical encounter with the movie's protagonist Horton leads him to discover a speck of dust full of life -- strictly speaking, a miniature planet. By chance, he discovered that there was a whole city called "Anonymous City" in this dust. Through conversation, he learned that the guy with 97 children was the mayor of the unknown city. The safety and well-being of all people.

The happy and busy life of an anonymous mayor

Empathetic and protective, Horton builds trust with the mayor of the world's nameless city, promising to bring their world to a safe place.

Thus begins the story of the largest mammal on land and an extremely tiny micro-planet.

After going through thousands of obstacles, I also saw hope and inner light.

The biggest resistance comes from Madam Kangaroo's inner prejudice and arrogance.

"How can there be life in the dust? It's just the dust of righteousness."

"He must be crazy, and I can't let him confuse everyone. I have to figure out a way to get rid of that dust and wake him up."

I have to say that this is a villain with strong execution, and a villain who can mobilize the opinions of the masses.

Behind the opening of the brain hole is the common "brainwashing" magic trick in the real world.

Mrs Kangaroo thinks Horton's remarks are absurd

Outside the dust, Mrs. Kangaroo uses people's "herd mentality" to create a little bit of contradiction between Horton and the animals around him, isolating him.

This is the common operation method used by many opinion leaders. Looking back on the campus experience, from elementary school to the end of middle school, there are teachers or school leaders who keep saying, "Your bad behavior represents not only you, but also your class, school, family" etc.

But if you think about it carefully, isn't the individual's behavior the representative of the individual? When the law was enacted, it did not punish the classmates in his class equally because of personal misconduct! I once thought that the teacher couldn't figure out the relationship inside, but now I think about it, this method of tying the individual and the group together can be regarded as a good means of management.

Let us analyze this small case a little bit. First of all, from the teacher's point of view, you want to spend less energy on disciplinary matters in the class and build a class full of disciplined and good kids. However, due to the normal distribution, there will be more or less naughty bags in each class. Your expectation is that the losses and damages caused by the naughty bags are as small as possible, so what should you do?

Do you handle these naughty bags yourself? Talk to each naughty bag after they make a mistake, or even ask the parents one by one? Obviously this is a waste of your time and energy and it doesn't meet your initial expectations.

You start to think that the most time-saving and labor-saving way is to make the naughty bag less naughty, so that the problem can be solved by itself, but what method should be used to give you the upper hand in the game with the naughty bag? ?

The so-called "people are the synthesis of social relationships", no matter how naughty a child is, he has a few non-naughty playmates, friends, or little girls he likes; if you spread a statement, compare his relationship network with his naughty behavior is opposed, then the smartest way to make this statement is to tie up the whole class of children and make them realize that they are a whole - repeating the idea that their individual bad behavior will damage the whole class reputation.

In this way, the class group you manage will have the function of self-correction.

When naughty buns do bad things again, they will weigh themselves up. How will the children around them see them? Will the little girl I like hate me because of this?

You find that after spreading this point of view, the mischievous things in the class have been reduced, and the degree has also been reduced. The network formed by the entire class has become your game weapon at this time, and your expected goals have been achieved.

At the same time, your class will have common goals and interests because of your remarks - developing towards the direction of building this class and winning more awards and honors for the class. Naughty, but their tricks are sometimes very clever, and they can often be the finishing touch in the construction of the class. Your class continues to move forward and gain more honors. Certificates are plastered on the back wall of the classroom. This is yours Unexpected returns.

Looking back on my own life and experience, there are actually many relevant examples, which can be widely promoted; such a situation, you are in it, I am also in it, it will have a bad influence (still take the above example, join a naughty bag He is always in trouble, and the negative effect of the network around him on him may cause him to lose touch with the class. At the same time, he has the motive to find a common group. At the same time, there are also gratifying gains (your unexpected benefits and the effects caused by the interaction of these benefits, etc.) other uncertainties—this is not necessarily a welcome one).


OK, let's move on to the movie review (manual dog head).

In another world, the spectacle of the June blizzard appears, and how do people think about this phenomenon while enjoying the fun it brings? Probably the same as people in the real world do, due to some weather factors that are intricately related and even have no definite cause and effect. After that, the gravity of their world shifted, and earthquakes occurred frequently, which made people feel panic and uneasy, and a scientist in Wuming City was busy in the laboratory, hoping to give a reasonable explanation for the recent frequent anomalies. explanation of.

But the irony is that the cause of this series of phenomena is not on the "miniature planet" they live in, but caused by the outside world. If they don't know the huge world outside, these causal chains will not be complete.

This scenario is literally "farmer theory" in detail (a farm has a flock of turkeys, and the farmer comes to feed them at 11 am every day. A scientist in the turkeys has observed this phenomenon for nearly a day. There were no exceptions in the year, so it also discovered the great law of its own universe: every morning at 11 o'clock, food came. It announced this law to everyone on Thanksgiving morning, but at 11 o'clock in the morning the food did not come, The farmer came in and took them all and killed them.)

The farmer theory has a twin theory called the "shooter theory" (there is a sharpshooter who makes a hole every 10cm in a target. Imagine that there is a two-dimensional intelligent creature living on this target, and the scientists in them are talking to themselves. After observing the universe, they discovered a great law: every 10cm unit, there must be a hole. They regard the random behavior of the sharpshooter as an iron law in their universe.)

The scientific researchers in Wuming City kept doing experiments in the laboratory, hoping to get an explanation from the laboratory, but it was in vain; while another group of people in Wuming City believed that this was a psychic operation.

This accurately reflects the relationship between "superstition" and "science" - considering the purpose and meaning of the formation of the two, superstition and science are twin brothers.

The two fit the same operation mode of the human brain for thousands of years: looking for a reason for the phenomenon

When there is a severe drought, within three years, there will be no rain, and the crops will not be harvested. Wherever they go, they will die of starvation everywhere. You know it. In "Journey to the West", the three years of severe drought in Fengxian County, the people are full of complaints, I thought that it must be that the governor of the county was dishonest and offended the heavens, which led to this severe drought. Similar things were widely circulated because they were properly explained. Later, a person named Wu Chengen in the Ming Dynasty listened to him and named the place. "Fengxian County", it is written that although the governor of the county is sincere, it is a pity that a family dispute overturned the tribute of the Jade Emperor, which affected the people of the whole county. Later, this matter was recorded in "Journey to the West", and he scolded the gods and Buddhas all over the sky. , Insinuate that the world is sinister, so happy!

In terms of "science - superstition", the above example is a living example of superstition. We can see that people can search for reason in places that do not make sense in order to find a reasonable explanation, and in places that do not make sense. Find meaning, discover laws where there are no laws, and impose cause and effect where there is no cause and effect, and finally form a complete and logically consistent theory.

In the movie, scientists later walked out of the laboratory and learned the reason for all these phenomena. It turned out that the sky was flickering because an elephant was constantly blocking the light outside their planet. Elephants bring them on the move; although the brain hole is big, it also inspires people to keep an open and accepting mind, and seeing a bigger world can often solve the problems that have troubled them for a long time.

Anomalies in Nameless City and Scientists

Horton went all the way hard, in order to send this miniature planet to a safe place, but the dangerous suspension bridge on the way did not interrupt him, even the eagle's sneak attack did not let him give up, he is still looking forward, still in fulfilling its promises.

It was the animals who were influenced and manipulated by Mrs. Kangaroo's prejudice that put this elephant in a desperate situation. What they don't know is that there is an anonymous mayor who is the father of 96 girls and a silent little boy, and there are many different families in the city.

What happened to Holden in fulfilling his promise

Although the elephant is huge, it still seems so powerless in the face of the sanctions and opposition of countless people around it; although the dust is small in size, when the thousands of lives inside are constantly screaming, it can also affect and change the fate of the whole.

People from both worlds know each other

Back in reality, what would you do if you met a real-life version of Holden in your own life? Is it still like the beginning of the article?

I think you'll have more brilliant answers and prettier choices.

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