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It is still a story of two worlds. Unlike the world of humans and gorillas in "Tarzan", "Horton and the Anonymous" tells the dialogue between the big world and the small world. How big is the huge elephant Horton and the Nunu jungle where he lives and teaches. There are many animals and magnificent mountains and rivers in the jungle; how small is the pink alfalfa flower wrapped at one end of the elephant's trunk. An unnamed town in a speck of dust, and the mayor's family alone has a population of 99. Such huge changes and contrasts require a lot of explanation and guidance, and perspectives and thinking have to be constantly adjusted to adapt to the progress of the film's plot. No wonder the acclaimed Dr. Seuss hand-drawn book has such a rating: not suitable for bedtime reading.

But the child is quick to accept it, and is immersed in the witty characters and tense rescue plot. Maybe our original thinking is so unrestrained and unrestrained without borders, but when we grow up, we are imprisoned and become more and more narrow, and our thinking becomes narrow, unable to stretch and lose flexibility. Like how children use it freely, but we adults have to be instructed to figure out and practice abdominal breathing to learn again?

Through a loudspeaker in Nameless Town, Horton, an elephant with a keen sense of hearing, begins a conversation with the Mayor of Nameless Town on the dust particles on the alfalfa flower on the tip of his nose, and Horton decides to help the mayor save their city from "Earthquakes, tornadoes, cold snaps" and other disasters. How to keep this small particle from being eaten, trampled, and submerged in the vibrant but dangerous forest? Horton decided to send the dust on this pink alfalfa flower to a sunny and quiet place on the highest point of Nunu Mountain. place. But almost everyone thinks he is crazy, how can he talk to himself to a clover flower, how can he blindly assume that there are countless things to be rescued and felt in this tiny dust that cannot be seen, heard, or felt. caring life?

Apart from the hardships of high mountains and rivers, mother kangaroo is a representative of the traditional secular and evil villains. She always puts the little kangaroo in her stomach and is full of doubts about social education. How could Horton, who was supposed to be a role model, be allowed to do such a grotesque act as to save the trumped-up nameless town, isn't it a challenge to the lofty authority he has established over the years in the Nunu jungle? Carrying a small kangaroo in her arms, she found vultures and monkeys, gave full play to her talent as a speaker, and vigorously encouraged the masses who did not know the truth to oppose Horton. ,,,,,

At the moment in Wuming Town, the atmosphere is just as tense. All are working together to make a loud enough voice. There is an important little person that has to be mentioned, that is the only boy among the 97 children of the mayor's family, JoJo (English JOJO, this transliteration makes us feel very friendly). His efforts finally increased the sound of the town to the extreme, the sound penetrated the sky and many barriers, and successfully reached the Nunu jungle! Finally, at the moment when Horton was imprisoned in the iron cage, the dust-bearing alfalfa flower was about to be thrown into the boiling pot, and the kangaroo mother was about to win, the wallaby on the kangaroo mother's chest could clearly hear the sound. The voice of the nameless town! He quickly caught the falling alfalfa flower and jumped out of his mother's belly bag, shouting "I heard" and running to Holden! Holden has been recognized by everyone, and we have a long, long sigh of relief!

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    PERSON IS PERSON. There are many people like kangaroos. But Holden will have it too.

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  • Katie: In my world everyone is a pony, and they all eat rainbows, and poop butterflies.

  • The Mayor of Who-ville: Seriously, who is this? Is this Burt from accounting?