Not that we chose the best, the best chose us

Otis 2022-04-22 07:01:15

It's a good movie with lovely characters, humorous plot, and inspiring. A good cartoon should be like this, not just to please children. Compared with Hayao Miyazaki's cartoons, there is a significant gap between the Eastern and Western styles, and the similarity is because the interpretation has a classic meaning.

This is a fable. A speck of dust is a world. God has given us a precious soul. Even if it is as small as dust and grass, it is worthy of respect. Life seems to be accidental, but it is not accidental. Tagore said, "My existence is an eternal surprise. Life." Worth a cry for existence.

How weak are the residents of Huhu Town compared to Houghton's world, so that their unanimous shouts will be drowned out. So are we, how small we are in this universe, and we don't even know what tomorrow will be. When all is well, we cannot anticipate the dangers lurking. A small number of people cry out for this, but people often find it alarmist.

The so-called seeing is believing, we are often more willing to believe what we can see, but the universe is so profound and harmonious, each planet becomes beautiful in time, and it is impossible for a house to be built without an architect, not to mention this wonderful law. What about the world? Isn't there a creator behind it that we can't fathom? Einstein said: "We have exhausted the highest intelligence of human beings, and we can't study the universe. There must be a higher intelligence behind it."

If Horton was not willing to take the initiative to intervene in their world, maybe they would have been floating in the wind. go, be displaced. The earth is not just a speck of dust in the vast universe. We didn't choose the best, the best chose us.

The councillors of Huhu Town and the kangaroos of Houghton World are self-inflated powerhouses whose pride has blinded their hearts. The cartoon teased them implicitly. When the mayor raised an objection, the councilor immediately flipped the switch, a glass cover covered the meeting site, and all news and arguments were blocked and blocked. At this time, the world was really harmonious.

What impressed me most was the scene in the film, that alfalfa flower fell in the flowers, all over the sky, all of them were identical little alfalfa flowers, Horton's lovely persistence was vividly reflected, he was neither discouraged nor mad, it was a miracle. generally found. At that moment, we all rejoiced for him.

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  • Marty 2022-04-24 07:01:05

    we are here! we are here! The universe is still dark in my opinion!

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