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The elephant HORTON accidentally discovered a secret. It turns out that there is a microscopic world on the dust that is not known: the nameless town. It inadvertently communicated with the mayor of the nameless town, and promised that the other party would bring his world to the world. a safe place to go. In this way, the elephant, for his commitment, and the mayor, for his obligation to the town as the mayor, started a small story about the macro world and the micro world.

First of all, about philosophy,
I don’t know if the director has heard of a saying in Chinese Buddhism: one sand is a world, and a flower is a heaven. In any case, Chinese and foreign philosophical thinking is the same.
I remember when I was very young, I had all kinds of imaginations about the macro world and the micro world. I imagined that there might be a world. They looked at our universe and the earth, just like we look at cells and molecules now. over this idea.
Everyone has a world of their own perception, whether adults or children. So never laugh at your child's naivety or other people's inability to understand, everyone has the right to want to build a world of their own. In particular, we should encourage children to fantasize while giving them a proper understanding of philosophy.

Secondly, about love, the
film communicates a macro world and a micro world through a great little man, the elephant HORTON, and a small big man, the mayor of Wuming. The mayor is a kind person with a small size but a high status who lives in a microscopic world.
We need to live a little more real, we need faith, we need kindness and love, we need integrity, we need stubborn persistence, we need tolerance and understanding.
1. Even if people all over the world don't trust you, you have to stick to your beliefs. Just like the elephant, for a promise, he almost carried the disbelief of everyone and became the enemy of the whole forest, but he never turned back, overcame many difficulties, and finally fulfilled the promise;
2. In his position, he must do his own thing, It's like the mayor is responsible for the whole town under the pressure of his superiors, and is finally recognized by the people of the town;
3. Family and friends are very important. There is always a family to support you in the most difficult times, of course, if you are lucky enough, there will be friends and love to support you.
4. People are sometimes the most blind and unreliable. You can't ask people too much. Their vision is limited and they are easily instigated by others
6. Learn to be tolerant, tolerate others, tolerate yourself, tolerate enemies, and tolerate the whole world;
7. The truth will always be clarified eventually, and kind people will always stand on the same side as the truth.

About the movie
Jim Carrey and Steve Carell voiced the Elephant and the Mayor of Anonymous, respectively.
We could have lived simpler and happier lives, like watching this movie!
I hope everyone who sees this article goes to see this movie.

I remembered the topic of the college entrance examination: a child would throw back the fish that had been washed ashore by the tide when the tide receded, one, two, three... Someone asked him, why do you care? Can you save so many fish? The child still said while throwing it: this one cares, this one cares, this one also...
Thought of "don't give up, don't give up!"... Thought
of the debate on whether to kill stray cats and dogs at the International College Debate Competition...
Earthquake relief... In the

life is life, no matter how small he is. As long as there is love in the heart!

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