Unforgettable love

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Beautiful love, like beautiful dreams, can be met but not sought after. A love that is not in the right place, although it is romantic, can only bloom its momentary light like fireworks. Some love can only be sealed in memory. Hepburn is so beautiful. Movies are classic.

Attached here: The story of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Pike, the hero and heroine of Roman

Holiday in a corner. He specifically notified the producers to change the name of "Roman Holiday, starring Gregory Peck" on the original cast to Audrey Hepburn's name.
In August 1953, "Roman Holiday" caused a sensation after its release, and Hepburn immediately caught the world's attention. On March 25, 1954, the 24-year-old Hepburn won the 26th Academy Award for Best Actress for her wonderful performance in "Roman Holiday". That night, Hepburn, who never imagined that she would win the Academy Award, stood on the podium with excitement, but she did not forget to tell the world: "This is Parker's gift to me!"
Hepburn became After the actress, various honors flew to her. However, these are not what she really desires, what she desires most is true and eternal love. Perhaps Parker sensed Hepburn's inner longing. At the premiere of "Roman Holiday", he introduced Hepburn to the famous Hollywood director, actor and writer Meir Feige. Meir is Pike's best friend, and their relationship is extraordinary. Pike admired Meir's talent, and he believed that Meir could bring Hepburn greater success.
Meir was 36 at the time, tall and lanky, with an angular face, versatile and gentle. Like Hepburn, Meir was multilingual, and they quickly became close. Hepburn also developed an attachment to the charismatic Meir. After Meir and Hepburn co-starred in the Broadway hit "Sabrina" in March 1954, Meir flew to Switzerland to propose to Hepburn. Hepburn accepted the proposal despite her mother's objections. They were married in Switzerland in September 1954. Parker, who was far away in the United States, attended their wedding, and he gave Hepburn a wedding gift of a butterfly brooch. Hepburn liked this brooch very much and kept it by her side until she died.
A few months later, Pike finally agreed to divorce his wife, while Hepburn was already roaming in newlywed happiness. She often sent postcards to Parker, and although they were only words, the intimacy and trust came to the fore.
When Parker blessed Hepburn, he also started a new life of his own. In 1955, Parker met Veronica, a beautiful French journalist, in Paris, and the two fell in love and got married. They live very happily, Veronica likes children as much as Parker, she doesn't care that the three stepsons make a lot of trouble, and they give birth to a son and a daughter for Parker.
After marriage, Hepburn has been living in Switzerland, and there are very few opportunities to meet Parker in the United States. But Ocean cut their friendship, and they often greeted each other by phone and letter. Parker always cared about Hepburn in the distance and wished her a happy marriage. However, Hepburn's marriage was far less fortunate than Parker's.
At the beginning of Hepburn's wedding, there were many rumors in the society that Meir was just "using" Hepburn to develop her own business. In the eyes of ordinary people, Hepburn's talent far exceeds her husband's, and her sensitivity and natural elegance are even more than Meir's. As the days went on, Meir was unavoidably uncomfortable.
Hepburn vowed to make her marriage a model for Hollywood. Given that the families of the two actors are often torn apart by long-term separations, she decided not to part with Meir for a moment. She even made a condition to the director: she would not act in films without Meir.
After marriage, Hepburn starred successively in "War and Peace", "Pretty Face", "Twilight Love" and "The Nun" (1959) directed by Zinaman for her third Academy Award nomination. Hepburn's performances were perfected day by day, and she conquered the world with her mastery in shaping mature and free women.
But she didn't conquer her man. In March 1959, Hepburn gave birth to son Sean. Since then, the child has become the center of her life, and her husband has taken a back seat. Meir wasn't used to the change, and their marriage cracked.
Rome in the autumn of 1968 was rainy and foggy, gloomy and humid. Hepburn's 14-year marriage came to an end. Heartbroken Hepburn went days without food, and her life was nothing but tears.
Just then, the phone rang, and it was Parker. Hepburn's first words to Parker were: "In this circle, marriage is really difficult to maintain! Please believe me, I put marriage and family life first and career second. .I wanted to grow old together, but it was too hard, too hard!" Hepburn's marriage has always been secret, but she opened her heart in front of Pike.
Still, Hepburn was a strong woman. In the winter of 1968, Hepburn fell in love at first sight with 30-year-old Italian psychiatrist Dr. Andre Dotti, and Hepburn plunged into fiery love desperately. In 1969, Hepburn and Dottie married, and in April of the same year, they were temporarily suspended from filming. On February 8, 1970, the second son Luca was born, and soon Dottie appeared in peach-colored news, and Hepburn's marriage hit the rocks again.
In 1980, Hepburn received Dottie's divorce papers. After filling out the divorce report, she felt her failure again. Soon she appeared in "As You Like It" and met actor Robert, who became a close friend. Robert was Hepburn's partner until her death in 1993.
While Hepburn was suffering from marriage, Parker suffered the loss of a child. In 1974, his 30-year-old eldest son committed suicide, which was a cruel blow to Parker. He and his wife met each other in tears all day, hiding in the house and refusing to see anyone. His door was only open to Hepburn, who hurried from Switzerland. Hepburn, like Parker, loved her children as much as she could, and she was deeply saddened by the news.
Over the years, the Hepburn and Parker families have forged a strong bond. As long as he comes to the United States, Hepburn must be the first to visit Parker's house. If she couldn't see Parker for some special reason, she would always call ahead and say, "I'm so sorry, Parker, I have to go to someone else first." She was polite and thoughtful, and won the love of the Parker family.
In his later years, Hepburn, as the UN Ambassador of Love, traveled all over the world all the year round. In 1992, Hepburn went to Somalia to visit children. After coming back, he felt abdominal discomfort. Soon after, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Although he underwent surgery, doctors estimated that he could only maintain his life for more than a year. Knowing that her time was running out, she asked the doctor to return to her home in her hometown of Tolohennaz for one last look at the snow in Switzerland.
On January 10, 1993, with the help of Robert, Hepburn walked into her garden for the last time. She caressed each plant reluctantly, carefully telling Robert their different maintenance requirements. In the early morning 10 days later, she flew away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 63. Her body was buried in the small town cemetery in Switzerland a few days later.
On that day, thousands of Romans came to the Tiber River with flowers to send their condolences to her, and people will always remember this beautiful princess who came here 40 years ago. People never imagined that Parker, who was 77 years old, accompanied by his wife, also came all the way to attend Hepburn's funeral. You know, after retiring in 1991, Parker stayed in his back garden, tending flowers and plants, and rarely went out.
At the funeral, the gray-haired Parker was in tears, and he choked and said, "I was able to hold her hand and dance gracefully as Hepburn's first screen couple in that beautiful Roman summer. Lucky." He lowered his head, placed a light kiss on Hepburn's coffin, and said affectionately, "You are the woman I love the most in my life." Everyone present sighed and wept.
Hepburn was gone, the butterfly brooch that Parker had given her was still intact in her jewelry box. On April 24, 2003, the famous Sotheby's auction house held a charity sale of Hepburn's clothes and jewelry. That day, Parker personally went to buy back the butterfly brooch that accompanied Hepburn for 40 years. As he held the brooch in his dry hand, he touched Hepburn's beautiful heartbeat, and he felt that he had no regrets in his life.
At 4 a.m. on June 12, 2003, Parker closed his eyes in his Beverly Hills apartment.
At the moment of his death, this man who has acted in a love drama all his life, did not forget to give his hand back to his wife in a hurry. He gave the French woman with his surname the last dignity without saying a word. Thank her for sticking with him over the years.

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