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Roman Holiday is a movie that can be clearly guessed from the beginning of the plot to the ending, but it can still attract people to watch it without missing a scene. The movie is deeply moving, but it doesn't cause tears, just a faint tasteless clutter in the throat. Where does such magic come from? detail.
A good story is not necessarily a good story, but there must be someone who can tell the story. The genius director Quentin is a person who knows this. Every movie has a bad story, but he doesn't care. The massive details can still make people talk about it after watching it. Our director William is the same, but he Almost all the details are arranged on the expressions, and the skills of the actors are really admirable.
At the beginning of the movie, what is impressive is that the little princess quietly loosened her toes and accidentally dropped her shoes. The naughty nature made her debut. Seeing that she couldn't find her shoes, but she wanted to keep her face hidden, her demeanor was changing rapidly, and she couldn't help but let her go. People couldn't help laughing. After some interviews, she still didn't put on her shoes. It was hard for the audience to sweat for her. However, after noticing the problem with the shoes, the various ladies and generals around the princess were surprised and chose to ignore them and dance. This kind of ruthlessness was surprising and at the same time, she felt extra sympathy for the little princess's experience. At this critical juncture, the little princess put on her shoes and gave the audience a safe landing. The director's skill is evident, and the beginning is full of splendor. Did the episode of "Drunken Concubine" remind you of a certain savage girlfriend in South Korea? It turns out that the original version is here, and the process of "drunk" is exactly the same, but seeing two big men shirk cute girls with each other makes people laugh. Compared with Sassy Girlfriend, Rome won the victory only in the part where you took the wrong stairs. The cuteness of the little princess directly hit the audience's heart.
The reporter is an old fritter. Lies come as soon as they open their mouths. They are quick to respond, and they are very alert. The stupid friend who takes pictures will always take a few shots slowly. They exist to set off. The first scene of Pike and Hepburn, which is also the climax of the whole film, is when the princess wakes up, pay attention to the expressions of the two people at this time, a smile, a trembling of the corners of their mouths, and at the end they are relieved. You have to play it several times to fully understand it. Under the director's careful arrangement, the communication of expressions is better than the language. It seems to be a self-talk, a humorous joke, and complement each other. ? The most difficult thing for an actor is that in addition to showing the thought process of the princess, the elegance of the ladies is also looming between nods and smiles, and the beauty of the eyes can only be experienced by the audience.
After the classic street riots, the second wave of climax came. The appearance of special agents, the same clothes, hats, briefcases, and even the same expressions, also called themselves plainclothes, which really humiliated the reputation of Bond and other flowery agents. . On the dock, pay attention to Pike's expression. He has long realized that these obvious men in black are coming. He has not awakened the consciousness of the protagonist, but he just feels that his work is about to end. However, when the little princess was caught and the first sentence she shouted was her name, Pike might have rushed over instinctively and took the risk to rescue the princess. When the two of them looked at each other with wet clothes and smiled, they both knew that it was not only their identity, but also a kind of trust. The stiffness of their muscles ignited a spark, and it was also a detail.
At the end of the movie, the last adventure the princess can do is a greeting, a handshake, a look at each other, it doesn't matter whether the twinkling light in the princess's eyes is joy or sadness, what matters is Rome, what matters is that love in this day becomes eternal.
The facial expressions in the film are numerous and detailed. While lamenting the director's excellence, he also regrets the impetuousness of Chinese films. Perhaps the audience needs a knowing smile more than a vulgar joke.

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Roman Holiday quotes

  • Princess Ann: [as Ann and Joe dance] Hello.

    Joe Bradley: Hello.

    Princess Ann: Mr. Bradley, if you don't mind my saying so, I think you are a ringer.

    Joe Bradley: Wha - oh, thanks very much.

    Princess Ann: You spent the whole day doing things I've always wanted to. Why?

    Joe Bradley: I don't know. Seemed the thing to do.

  • Mario Delani, hairdresser: [holding Ann's long hair] All off?

    Princess Ann: All off.

    Mario Delani, hairdresser: [seconds later] Are you sure?

    Princess Ann: Yes!

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