If it is true love, one day is enough

Rocio 2022-04-21 09:01:45

In fact, each of us is an insatiable greedy person. When we can't have it, we will pursue it hard. As long as we have less, we will seek more. But as long as love is true, even one day is enough.
Princess Anne played by Audrey Hepburn is a willful and rebellious girl who represents the image of the country, so she must be prudent and dignified, keep a smile at all times, without freedom, and there can be no mistakes. Over and over again, the beautiful Anne felt like a puppet, so willfully she chose to flee during the state visit.
During this period, she met Qiao, a newspaper reporter. Qiao accidentally discovered Anne's identity as a princess. He wanted to be famous for making a big news. Later, he fell in love with this innocent and lovely princess in his relationship with Anne. So she decided to protect her, and although the princess also fell in love with Qiao, she also realized her responsibility. Between her lover and national responsibility, she still chose to shoulder the responsibility. Joe and Annie's love is short, but as long as they are in love, even one day is enough.
Hepburn's acting skills were brought into full play at the end of the meeting in the film, and the careful audience will find that in this long smile, it contains the painful transition from the joy of seeing a lover to the sadness of parting. Using "magic" to describe this smile is because Hepburn also incorporated restraint into the smile. The restraint of that princess allows neither joy nor a little sadness.

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  • Nolan 2021-11-13 08:01:23

    Rome, of course Rome...

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    An almost perfect angel princess! Audrey Hepburn forever fairy goddess! Her Royal Highness Princess in "Roman Holiday" is the peak value of Goddess Hepburn! !

Roman Holiday quotes

  • Joe Bradley: Tell you what. Why don't we do all those things, together?

    Princess Ann: But don't you have to work?

    Joe Bradley: Work? No. Today's gonna be a holiday.

    Princess Ann: But you want to do a lot of silly things?

    Joe Bradley: [He takes her hand] ... First wish? One sidewalk cafe, comin' right up. I know just the place. Rocca's.

  • Princess Ann: I have to leave you now. I'm going to that corner there and turn. You must stay in the car and drive away. Promise not to watch me go beyond the corner. Just drive away and leave me as I leave you.

    Joe Bradley: All right.

    Princess Ann: I don't know how to say goodbye. I can't think of any words.

    Joe Bradley: Don't try.