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As a classic Hollywood romantic comedy, Roman Holiday has left deep memories in the minds of many people. Hepburn, who played Princess Anne in the film, is a goddess in the minds of countless people. Whether it is Hepburn herself or Princess Anne, they are all equally elegant, charming and simple and lovely. It can be said that Hepburn is playing Princess Anne in her true colors.

Princess Anne, played by Hepburn, visited Rome, and because she was tired of the red tape, she secretly went to the folk to enjoy the night view. So met reporter Joey. It was a lot of fun for the two of them to travel together. Joey had no intention of discovering the identity of Princess Anne, so he wanted to make a news story, so he took his photographer friend to travel with the princess in Rome and took many videos of the princess, but in the process he fell in love with the simple and charming princess , For the sake of the princess, he had the heart to abandon his achievements, and gave these precious photos to the princess, which is also a memory of their love. After experiencing the Roman Holiday, the princess realized her responsibility to the country and abandoned love for the sake of responsibility.

There is no doubt that the time when the two traveled together in Rome in the film brought the audience a very warm enjoyment. We saw the elegant but charming princess, and the gentleman Joey, and we witnessed the love and the short free time of two people. However, in the face of love, the responsibility is more important for the princess. Big love will eventually defeat the little love. For the princess, that short good time will become a memory for her life. Do not forget. For Joey, letting go of this relationship is the protection of the princess.

At the end of the film, the image of the princess is fuller, not only the nobility and simplicity brought by life, but the princess at this moment understands responsibility and knows how to let go.

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Roman Holiday quotes

  • Princess Ann: [as Ann and Joe dance] Hello.

    Joe Bradley: Hello.

    Princess Ann: Mr. Bradley, if you don't mind my saying so, I think you are a ringer.

    Joe Bradley: Wha - oh, thanks very much.

    Princess Ann: You spent the whole day doing things I've always wanted to. Why?

    Joe Bradley: I don't know. Seemed the thing to do.

  • Mario Delani, hairdresser: [holding Ann's long hair] All off?

    Princess Ann: All off.

    Mario Delani, hairdresser: [seconds later] Are you sure?

    Princess Ann: Yes!

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