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Hepburn and Gregory Peck reprinted in Roman Holiday He was a gentleman, the most temperamental man in the world, with a sculptural sturdy profile and a straight personality. He was graceful in manner, modest in temperament, and pure in eyes like a solemn missionary. He can interpret the smile to make people heart-warming, and he has a soft heart and a sense of proportion. He is the dream lover of tens of millions of women around the world. In his life, there have been countless beautiful beauties, but there has been no scandal. For more than half a century, he has been adored by fans around the world as an idol and a moral role model. His name is Gregory Pike. She is an angel, born in a prestigious family, speaks 5 languages, has an elegant and decent manner, and has an extraordinary bearing. She is noble and kind, indifferent to the world, soft and shy like a child who is ignorant of the world. Her character is reserved and reserved but approachable. She has a beautiful face and a flower-like smile. Her two big talking eyes are like the Bitan on a high plateau. She is clear, quiet, and charming. Her long eyelashes are like butterflies flying in autumn, and her wings are as thin as gauze wings. With the joy and lightness of youth, her name is Audrey Hepburn. In the spotless cardamom years, an angel met a gentleman, and on that holiday in the romantic capital of Rome, the purest love in the world was quietly born. At that time, he was already a well-known star all over the world. He had just passed his 36th birthday, but she was only 23 years old at that time, and she was still a little-known girl. She's a fan of his, with an almost obsessive admiration for him, and when she first met him, she was too excited to speak. So does he. When he saw her for the first time, his heart suddenly moved, and a strange feeling surged up from the bottom of his heart. The feeling was like the beach on which the tide has just receded, soft and moist. The girl in front of her is sensitive and fragile, her unknown thoughts are hidden in her big beautiful eyes, quiet and sad, making people feel affectionate and loving. At that moment, he clearly felt the beginning of a delicate stage. In that scene, they played the male and female protagonists respectively. When they were busy, the two went for a walk by the river, and the trickling river listened to the whispers of the pair. He likes to look at her, and his eyes are full of pity that can make people melt. She also likes being with him, listening to him and seeing him smile. Occasionally, she would put her cold little hand into his generous palm, feeling the warmth from this honest man. At that time, his marriage had come to an end, how he longed for her love, but he was not a man who was good at expressing himself. Under the surprised expression. She loves him, but she dare not say it. She knew very well that the man beside him was someone else's husband and the father of three children. The broken family shadow when she was young and the education she received made her shy away from him. How could she, who is as kind as an angel, have the heart to let her beloved wings be stained with the wet memories of others? ! That summer, her love, in his smile, bloomed again and again with enthusiasm and despair. Many times, a reserved flower is always destined to be unable to open a silent branch. So, a story came to an abrupt end in that summer, and never came later. The release of "Roman Holiday" turned her from a shy daisy in the mountains to a dazzling rose under the spotlight overnight. Soon, she had love, Meir Feige, a famous Hollywood director, actress and writer. She admires the man's talent, and hopes that the man's career can bring her greater success. Sure enough, that year, her career and love were both prosperous. She won the Oscar for Best Actress that year, and she entered the palace of marriage with Meir. He attended her wedding. He was still so kind and tolerant, facing everything in front of him with a calm smile. No one knew that under his unassuming appearance, there was something called helplessness and resignation. As a gift, he gave him a butterfly brooch. It was 1954, and love for him and her was the beginning and the end. At that time, she naively thought that as soon as she turned around, she would be able to escape thousands of times of sadness, but she didn't know that, so she missed the scenery of her life. Shortly after she got married, he divorced, then remarried and became someone else's husband again. Come to think of it, the relationship between men and women is indeed very mysterious. It is only one step from friendship to love, but from love back to friendship, it seems to go through thousands of mountains and rivers. Let me ask, in this world, when love turns around beautifully, how many people can re-create the banquet of friendship with magnanimity? However, they did it. Relying on their respect for fate and their belief in friendship, the two condensed the distance of thousands of mountains and rivers into the horizon, and buried all their love and affection in that summer's "Roman Holiday". Meir's empathy gave her a fatal blow to her longing for love to the end of her life. She got divorced, and later, got married again, left again, and later, one man after another, from her life, went round and round, approached and walked away. For 40 years, the only thing that stayed by her side was the butterfly brooch. Numerous times, she called him, and when she talked about the sadness, she couldn't help but burst into tears. He comforted her softly, saying something innocuous. No one knew that, to him, every drop of her tears was like a falling comet, piercing into the heart of the sea. The surface was calm and the waves were calm, but the inside was turbulent like an iron horse glaciers. She didn't know until she died, from the day he met her, she had been the moonlight in his life. Day and night, brilliance is in the deepest part of his heart. In January 1993, the angel flew back to heaven. He is here, to see her farewell, to see her one last time. At that time, he was 77 years old, leaning on crutches and staggering. In the flowers, she closed her eyes slightly, like a water lily after the summer rain, pure and quiet. Years have wasted her face, and what people see is the twilight and sadness of the beauty. In his eyes, she was still that petite and charming girl with infinite sadness in her eyes. He called her softly, but she didn't answer. She couldn't hear it, never could hear it again, and the white-haired he looked at her speechlessly for a long time, tearful. When saying goodbye to her, he lowered his head, kissed her coffin lightly, and murmured, "You are the woman I love the most in my life." He finally said the words buried in his heart, which were the words of her whole life. Wanted, however, it was late, late for a full 40 years. At this time, he also didn't know that in the past years, she had been lowering her head deeply into the dust, but until she died, she still couldn't wait for the past and present life hand in hand with him. 10 years later, the famous Sofur auction house held a charity sale of her clothes and jewelry. Again, he came, trembling. At the age of 87, the purpose of his trip was only for the butterfly brooch. In the end, he got it back as he wished. Holding the butterfly brooch, in the twitching memory, in the tunnel of time, it flows quickly, and he seems to see again, the beautiful, kind, ignorant little girl in "Roman Holiday", who is happily and lightly going all the way to her. He came by himself... For 40 years, he never told her that the wedding gift he gave her was not an ordinary brooch, but a family heirloom from his grandmother. 49 days later, he smiled and closed his eyes, holding the butterfly brooch in his hand, just like holding her heartbeat, the unreturnable years and the love of youth in the depths of the years that will never return. On the day to bid him farewell, crowds came from all directions holding flowers. His funeral was broadcast live around the world via the Internet. On that day, in all corners of the world, thousands of movie fans prayed silently, praying that the gentleman would find an angel in another world, and give her a paradise that she had missed on earth.

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  • Irving Radovich: Hey, er, anybody ever tell you you're a dead ringer for...

    [Joe kicks him under the table]

    Irving Radovich: Ow! Well, I guess I'll be going!

    Joe Bradley: Oh, don't do a thing like that, Irving. Sit down, join us, join us.

    Irving Radovich: Well, just till Francesca gets here.

    Princess Ann: Tell me, Mr. Radovich, what is a ringer?

    Joe Bradley: Oh. Er, it's an American term, and it means anybody who has a great deal of charm.

    Princess Ann: Oh. Thank you.

    Irving Radovich: [confused] You're welcome.

  • Princess Ann: [as Ann and Joe dance] Hello.

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    Princess Ann: Mr. Bradley, if you don't mind my saying so, I think you are a ringer.

    Joe Bradley: Wha - oh, thanks very much.

    Princess Ann: You spent the whole day doing things I've always wanted to. Why?

    Joe Bradley: I don't know. Seemed the thing to do.