one day love

Carmela 2022-04-22 07:01:08

I really admire the acting of this black and white movie actor.
In the last scene, the eye contact between the princess and JOE, although it is a black and white film, we can't see the red eyes of the protagonist, but the trembling tears have already won many best hero and heroine. Although it's just acting, it still gives us a feeling after all. The feeling of love that only lasted for one day, which had just started hot, was forced to go out. It should be a very good marriage, a handsome man and a beautiful woman. They are definitely a perfect couple, but their identities and circumstances do not match, so they can only be dealt with separately, and the two can only bury their feelings deeply. As the tears of memory, to infect the audience's sympathy for the feeling that this can only be given up.

Fight for the last chance, shake hands with you, then turn around and go back to your own life. Fortunately, this deep feeling only exists for one day, and the sad days will not last for too long. The reality is in front of you, and it is not the pain of life and death. There is no need to spend a lifetime, people are still there, and love can only be buried deep, each has its own burden and responsibilities, no longer a child, will understand that impossible is impossible, even if it happens, there is preparation for the end.

Fortunately, it is only one day. Fortunately, everyone is well, so it doesn't have to be too hard to miss. I just left my side. People are still there, but they have not disappeared. Maybe one day I will meet again, maybe I can continue this marriage. Perhaps it is also knowledgeable, and it will end after it happens. As long as the protagonist is still there, no matter how sad, there is no loss of worry, and you can continue to live happily.

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Roman Holiday quotes

  • Princess Ann: [as Ann and Joe dance] Hello.

    Joe Bradley: Hello.

    Princess Ann: Mr. Bradley, if you don't mind my saying so, I think you are a ringer.

    Joe Bradley: Wha - oh, thanks very much.

    Princess Ann: You spent the whole day doing things I've always wanted to. Why?

    Joe Bradley: I don't know. Seemed the thing to do.

  • Mario Delani, hairdresser: [holding Ann's long hair] All off?

    Princess Ann: All off.

    Mario Delani, hairdresser: [seconds later] Are you sure?

    Princess Ann: Yes!

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