There is true love in the world There is true love in the world

Gabe 2022-04-22 07:01:08

Tonight, I watched Gehua on-demand at home and chose this classic work that people all over the world praised. I didn't expect it to be so small and fresh, it made me think it was really classic. I am deeply attracted by their love lines. They are all pure love. The movie is almost over At the press conference, Joe still watched the princess's back disappear into his eyes, and then he reluctantly left because they were destined to not let the princess's face be disgraced as a gentleman, because the king would not accept such an intrusion It's a pity, but they really loved the two most wonderful places. One was that the flower shop owner didn't know Princess Anne's identity and only thought she was a poor and polite girl, and he still gave her a flower and the one who lied. The bitten statue was an episode in the filming that Parker didn't tell Hepburn how he would act. It was indeed Hepburn's true reflection, but it was a true reflection of the unworldly princess' trust in these "bad boys" in the market place. It's so cute with her naughty black and white film, it's a classic with such a beautiful performance. Anyway, I'll definitely fall in love with them.

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  • Filiberto 2022-03-21 09:01:40

    Hepburn's temperament is so amazing, standing there, everything around has become a set, the story seems old-fashioned now, so-so, but for Hepburn, bear it!

  • Priscilla 2022-03-23 09:01:40

    The first Hepburn movie I watched, the pure and innocent little princess made people feel heartbroken?

Roman Holiday quotes

  • Princess Ann: [as Ann and Joe dance] Hello.

    Joe Bradley: Hello.

    Princess Ann: Mr. Bradley, if you don't mind my saying so, I think you are a ringer.

    Joe Bradley: Wha - oh, thanks very much.

    Princess Ann: You spent the whole day doing things I've always wanted to. Why?

    Joe Bradley: I don't know. Seemed the thing to do.

  • Mario Delani, hairdresser: [holding Ann's long hair] All off?

    Princess Ann: All off.

    Mario Delani, hairdresser: [seconds later] Are you sure?

    Princess Ann: Yes!