Encounter, Angel

Joy 2022-04-22 07:01:08

There is a kind of woman in the world, she is white and flawless, she is crystal clear, her face is impeccably perfect, and her eyes are deep and fascinating. She is the eternal princess in people's hearts and the proud elf in mythology. She is Audrey Hepburn.
Even in her old age, Hepburn still has aristocratic elegance, and she drags a frail and sick body to visit poor children, with the holiness and love of the Virgin. With her beauty and personality, she has won the reputation of an angel on earth.
The first time the angels came to the attention of the world was on Roman Holiday.
The rich history of the city of Rome makes a 24-hour encounter extremely romantic. Occasionally the rebellious little princess tasted the taste of the world for the first time, ice cream, flowers, short hair, let him on the screen and us off the screen with a bang. He gave up the chance to become famous overnight with his candid photos and gave Film to the princess as a souvenir. And the princess also returned to her life, to shoulder her responsibilities to the country and family. It's just that at the last press conference, she pretended to be a stranger and shook the man's hand gently, saying "good luck", then turned around and returned to the stage. Tears welled up in her smile. When she held back her excitement and answered a reporter about what was her most memorable city, everyone thought it was just a diplomatic rhetoric. Only she and he knew that it was the real inner word:
Rome, of course, Rome.
A movie, a love, adds a bit of warmth to this ancient city. To this day, how many tourists have come here just to take a look at the places where they once left their shadows.
"Roman Holiday" is a classic in the era of black and white movies and an unrepeatable love legend. Of course, in fact, the story is not novel enough, and the two-color scenery cannot show the magnificence of the city of Rome. But even if the current film technology can make the city as beautiful as possible, we have no Gregory Pike, let alone Audrey Hepburn.
Outside of the play, their affectionate and ceremonial relationship is even more desirable. Thirteen years younger Hepburn died first, and the white-haired Pike silently kissed the coffin and burst into tears. Ten years later, the 87-year-old old man, leaning on crutches tremblingly, came to the auction site of Hepburn's relics at the Sofur auction house and bought back the wedding gift he gave her, a butterfly brooch. Forty-nine days later, Parker passed away.
Whether on or off-screen, Parker meets the most beautiful angel in the world, but also misses heaven. The difference is that in reality, what prevents the two from being together is not the difference in identities, but the fetters of the family. Pike even personally held the red line for Hepburn and her first husband, director and writer Meir. Although they have never acted beyond friendship in their entire lives, they know each other better than anyone. When Hepburn's marriage failed, he always confided to Parker by phone and letter, and when he closed the door to thank guests because of the loss of his son, only Hepburn could knock on his door.
Many years later, when Hepburn finished the journey of life, Parker said that sentence at the funeral with tears: You are the most loved woman in my life.
The gentlest man in the world and the most beautiful woman in the world, may you be peaceful in heaven

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  • Lesley 2022-03-21 09:01:40

    Classic film, Hepburn is really temperamental, the action is very dynamic, elegant, romantic and capable princess

  • Mariane 2021-11-13 08:01:23

    The experience of not seeing this will seem too ignorant and old-fashioned. After reading it, I think it is really a golden boy and a girl, what a yearning love! Really...Although I am ignorant and ignorant after watching, the old-fashioned has not changed into foreign style, after all, the protagonist's looks and temperament can not be achieved by a few plastic surgery or a few movies.

Roman Holiday quotes

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    Princess Ann: You spent the whole day doing things I've always wanted to. Why?

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