You forgot, we were born out of bubbles

Toby 2022-04-19 09:01:47

Tonight, I watched a show of "Ponyo on the Cliff" with Berry in Ningxia. I started at 18:10 and hers at 18:20. The last time I watched it, the impression was very vague, maybe it was in high school, I watched it with my sister. In 2008, the translation name used in this edition was still "Ponyo on the Cliff". Perhaps the original translator thought this translation was more Japanese? I still prefer the literal translation of "Ponyo on the Cliff".

I want to talk about brave women at will. Others have also analyzed that most of the protagonists of Jeepry Studio's animations are beautiful girls, who are kind, brave, independent, responsible, and able to give back.


Seeing Lisa bring home a large and small bag of food alone, bring her baby alone, and meticulously prepare a big meal back from farming, I am envious and distressed. I envy her that she has a lover who can cook delicious food for her. I feel sorry for her disappointment because of her lover's temporary failure to make an appointment. I don't know whether it is the exhaustion of a day's work, the son who was almost taken away by the waves, or the lover who temporarily missed the appointment, which one is more sad. Lisa's emotions are very full, we see her willfully use the signal light to scold Geng Yi, Baga, Baga, Baga... full of anger and complaints. But she is still the support of the children, she is a little calmer in the storm, and she also cares about the safety and food and clothing of her colleagues and old women in the nursing home. Even in the middle of the night, he drove the mountain road to the Sunflower House alone. Here we see the independent and brave heroine again. Also, I have to say that she usually drives very aggressively.

Seeing that Lisa, Sousuke and Koichi are both named by their names. When Sousuke patted Lisa's head buried on the bed, he said Lisa don't cry. Fearing marriage and childbearing, I thought out of thin air that it would be nice to have such a son. Parents and children are independent people, equal to each other, I take care of you, you also care for me.


The high-frequency clips that are often forwarded on the Internet are probably when Ponyo crosses the mountains and seas to meet Sosuke again. Ponyo ran straight to Sousuke without any concealment, and wrote all her likes on her face. I'm afraid this is the straightness, optimism and beauty that can only be found in fairy tales. In the adult world, what may be important is balance, restraint and restraint.

From goldfish eagerly to duck/merman-like, and then more and more human-like. This is a change made by Ponyo for love, and she has never cared about any gains or losses or risks, just like her prototype - Hai's daughter. And in the end, the ancient magic she wants to achieve, from fish to man, can only be done by unchanging love. This transformation is Ponyo's active choice. However, will she be able to live an ordinary human life in the end, or will she turn into a dancing bubble, Ponyo's parents seem to have given this ceremony ("on land, just kiss the bubble that the girl is waiting for) to Zong (Can a 5-year-old child know if he will change his mind?) But when we landed, we saw Ponyo bounce lightly into the air again, landed, and kissed Sousuke actively. Whether she knew the story or not The ending, or Guan does not care, but at this moment, she chooses to love without hesitation.


Ponyo said that she likes her mother the most, saying that her mother is very powerful. I don't like my father (like a black magician), and indeed we can know a thing or two from his character in the play. He hates who he once was - human beings, thinking that they are dirty, the ecology of the earth and the beauty of the ocean have been destroyed by them. He is trying to slowly establish an order that has been lonely, hoping that everything will be cleaned and return to the wonderful ancient sea world. For his paranoid ideals, he worked hard on his own. But when Ponyo broke this plan and brought the wonderful creatures of the ocean to the shallow sea, allowing the sea to submerge the land, and allowing different creatures in different periods to swim freely, he was helpless.

And it is Manmalian who cleans up the mess, comforts the wounded and trapped. Different from the image of her father, Mammalian is almost a different painting style from all the other characters in the whole play-beautiful, even the incarnation of light. Wherever you go, the light of the sea brightens the haze. In comparison, the other images are dull and fuzzy. In the face of the rebellious and willful Ponyo, the father's choice is to suppress and control. However, Mammalien is very supportive of Ponyo's pursuit of the human life she likes, and she proposed the ancient magic in response to the tragic magic in "The Daughter of the Sea". And the possibility of this tragedy, once again raised by the father, if the 5-year-old boy changes his mind, their beloved daughter will become a bubble. But Mammalian said, it doesn't matter, don't forget, we used to be a bubble! (to the effect)

I am afraid that Mammalian is not only the mother of Ponyo, but her image is hard not to make people feel that her wisdom and beauty can be the mother of all things, the unfathomable sea itself. "We used to be a bubble!" There is so much courage and generosity in it. You got nothing to lose. Those who can love, dare to love and can take the initiative to invest are stronger.

Good night, brave girls.

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