I love you everything for granted

Zion 2022-04-19 09:01:47

I admit, I like Andersen's mermaids. But that kind of love is more of a sense of loyalty and pity, sad because she silently watches the lights on the shore and misses that handsome face every month when the stars are sparse; for her courage, change It hurts to return a pair of feet dancing on the tip of a knife; it's cold for her to be silent in front of him, and to throw the dagger into the sea on their wedding morning and melt into a rising foam.
The witch's warning was still in her ears: "If you can't get his heart, you'll be like foam on the sea..."

Why, why, why, why can't she get his heart?
She is so beautiful, she has a moving singing voice, she has long smooth hair, she has no regrets, she has such a generous and kind sacrifice, but why is it not her who gets his heart?

He, gave me a good card.
You are a good woman.
I am indeed a good woman. Yes, because I met him.
Wu Junru, who is like a man-in-law in a Hong Kong movie, suddenly twisted and started whining, making her petty.
I am no longer noisy and noisy, reckless and self-willed, my eyes are full of gentle light, always waiting with peace of mind, silent and appropriate, even speaking carefully, so careful that there is no humor, no interest, no more Be smart.
In fact, I also know that the kind of woman he likes is exactly what I am. It's just that as soon as he appeared, as long as he appeared, I was so nervous that I couldn't return to my natural appearance, and became the appearance of the good man.
Wu Junru, who is like a man's wife, is squeaking and twisting her body, in a variety of situations.
Only to make comedy, laugh sadly.

After losing her beautiful singing voice, after losing her beautiful fishtail, is she still her? When she was dancing with pain on the tip of the knife, when she looked at him silently, when she accepted the selfless favor, and when she shared the joy of his wedding, was she still her?
Sacrifice is just a fool to the reader, not responsible for oneself.
When he closed his eyes and fell unconscious in her arms, readers believed that if at that time, if he opened his eyes, looked at her for a moment, and listened to her singing a song on the reef, he would be able to Love her, he will love her.

Andersen's pathos is broken by the simple and fresh Japanese warmth.
I have always liked to laugh at the foolishness of the Japanese who distorted their faces and ran all the way in film and television dramas when they encountered something. But this time, I was really moved.
The fiery Goldfish girl ran wildly on the waves, towards her Sousuke.
The same desperate for love, Jinyu Ji on the cliff is so natural. If I love you, I will run for you. Of course, you should recognize me. Of course, you will accept me. Of course, you will love me without any doubts. Of course, you will never abandon me.
She didn't worry that he would know that she was originally a fish, she didn't worry that he would mind if she was not of the same kind as him, and she didn't worry that in the long days to come, there would be various dangers in Sousuke's growing years.
She just raised her face blindly and used childish innocence: Ponyo, Sousuke, like it.

If you can love as confidently as the goldfish Ponyo, why can't the dumb mermaid get the prince's love? Holding his head up and down on the sea, sitting on the reef, singing for him sincerely, she loves him far more than the woman screaming on the beach, if she insisted on it, how could he not give it?

What do you think so much about?
No matter what banknotes, money, age, status, family background, whether he likes me or not, whether I can please him.
Of course, if I love you, you should love me. Of course, if I love you, you can't dislike me. Of course, if I love you, you can't leave me.
Two mermaids, two destinies,
perhaps a simple love that is unreasonable, is the responsibility to oneself and to others.

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  • Cyril 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    It’s so boring/2020.12.26 The theater has made up for tickets, and I still feel a little boring. The Daughter of the Sea Junior Edition. The children's characterizations are exactly the same.

  • Nico 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    Love is an eternal theme, and Miyazaki's animations have always expressed this very well.

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