The piss and grooves of this play can't fool even the non-original party! 【Lift the table】(╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴

Tremaine 2022-04-19 09:01:44

Warning: This film review is full of bias and prejudice, please ignore my fierce words automatically. . .

Let me vent the anger of an original party! (☄ฺ◣д◢)☄ฺ After

watching the original book, I wanted to experience the movie immediately. Although I was mentally prepared to condense such a huge structure, massive information, complex main line, vivid image, full personality, ups and downs, and condensed the plot into a mere one or two hours, it will not be easy. The disappointment was far beyond my budget. Aside from the unreasonable proportion of the plot and the deletion of information; isn't the most important first principle that a remake film must abide by is to respect the original work? Anyway, this film is amazed from beginning to end and throws out "what the heck?!" "What the hell!" Full of pitfalls.
The first Napoleon scared me. Why did the person who wrote the letter to Dantes suddenly become Napoleon himself? Then Fernand broke with his "good friend" because Dantes hid the letter from him, which was unreasonable. Personally, I think Dantes did not do enough to set up the groundwork before he was arrested. The father who starved to death caused a large part of Edmond's revenge, so he made soy sauce. Edmond, who should be honest and kind, was made like a fool. What surprised me even more was Mercedes, a woman who was obviously loyal and pure was filmed like a slut, spoke with a big tongue, flirted with Fernand blatantly at the beginning, and! ! ! ! Even more unbearable is! ! ! Albert is actually Edmond's illegitimate child! ! ! ! ! Is there something wrong with the screenwriter's mind? ? You can't pull it off to such an extent! ! Even Fernand himself said that Mercedes is whore...
Caderousse and many other characters just evaporated. The two couples in one of the main lines of the plot, Maximilien and Valentine, are gone. Valentine was shamelessly smeared as Madame Villefort! ! Villefort is the most conscientious of the three. He is a complete villain in the movie, and even colluded with Fernand. Fernand and Danglars are buck teeth and bald, and they're pretty ugly. The place where the sauna fog covers the police and Danglars is insulting the IQ of the entire audience. There is also Monsieur Nortier, who is obviously one of the protagonists, so he became a crazy old man and was killed by Fernand. . . The most amazing Villefort family poison death bloody case disappeared without a single stroke, not to mention a good play by Andrea, Madame Danglars and Villefort.
There are also two very important roles after the Earl's release from prison, Abbe Busoni and Sinbad the Sailor, which are not mentioned! ! Albert and Monte Cristo's duel also turned into a chaotic father-son battle. The most twisted is that after Monte Cristo killed Albert's "most adored" Fernand, Albert, who was still kneeling on the ground just now, happily hooked up with Monte Cristo. However, considering that this product has the highest appearance in this movie, I will not spray it for the time being.
When Monte Cristo first appeared on the scene, it was a shock. After getting off the hot air balloon, he only said one word of greetings, and then there was an envious face below. Monte Cristo, who is so shy about his own life, is like a fool who can't wait to say "Hey tell you I'm Edmond Dantes who was tricked by you"! It's just utterly powerless, okay? I almost vomited when Mercedes kissed Monte Cristo in the carriage, how could I be vilified as a watery lotus who doesn't have a bit of Joan of Arc who loves anyone! It was already known that Fernand betrayed Edmond and became a Countess a month after Edmond was in prison for his apparent good name! too disgusting! Defiled the "noble heart" in the original work! ! ! And in the end, Monte Cristo returned to Mercedes so undignified, and asked her to bring Albert! Please let go! What about Haydee? ! Haydee and Ali were actually replaced by the Jacopo who appeared out of nowhere! Isn't Morrel's child in the original book?
I can't help but complain about Edmond's attitude towards Abbe Faria in Chateau d'if. In the original book, he is loyal and respectful, but he even haggles with him in the movie! It feels like I'm using him completely! And in the original book, Monte Cristo later had a wig or something that was well-equipped for a disguise! How can it be as casual as in the movie? Are you treating the audience like idiots? The person who played Monte Cristo did not play the deep hatred of the god-like stalwart of Monte Cristo at all, but instead played him like a reckless man blinded by hatred! Can't stand his wink on Albert at the prom! Are you a cold and majestic count? fall! !
It is not an exaggeration to make three films from The Count of Monte Cristo. The screenwriter and director have a bit of the spirit of contribution. If you can’t make it right, don’t do it. You can cut it, but don’t shoot it blindly. . Negative rating! ! !

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The Count of Monte Cristo quotes

  • J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: Mondego's the one who pulled the trigger! He'd never confess in a million years!

    Count of Monte Cristo: You're right, he wouldn't... but you just have.

  • J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: I don't see how any of this has anything to do with our business relationship!

    Count of Monte Cristo: [calmly] I'm about to tell you.

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