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Julie 2022-04-20 09:01:38

I haven't read the famous novels, just from the plot, let's talk about my own perception. Ordinary life was broken by a letter, a friend betrayed, a lover left, leaving only an upright young man in prison, suffering from whipping. How painful this is, I can't help but want to ask myself if I can survive it, and whether I am in pain like the male protagonist but don't have the courage to die. When suffering such hardships, God no longer seemed so credible, but suddenly a messenger of God appeared - a priest.
The plot of the story can be said to be very simple. With the help of the priest, and with the help of the treasure in the priest's hands, the protagonist succeeded in revenge.
But if I bring myself into such a scene, will I be ashamed and brave? Can my bloody make me grow up? Young people, don’t forget about danger because of comfort, don’t forget about bloody hard work because of
Deprivation of "knowledge" Yes, the freedom of the body can be deprived, but who has the ability to deprive the freedom of the spirit, the answer can only be yourself. The perseverance of the pastor to dig a hole to escape, let alone a graceful character in an upbringing, is indeed what most of us lack. If you have a goal and don't act, you will move forward with the wrong goal, and you will be completely devastated if you fail. Although it wasn't because of the hole dug by the priest who escaped in the end, is this telling us that as long as we work hard and persevere, when the opportunity comes, how can you easily miss it.
So come on be a man and move towards your goals, your weapon is learning!

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  • Shaina 2022-04-22 07:01:12

    I heard LP say that the simplification of the book is too great, and the adaptation is too dramatic, not as good as expected

  • Camden 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    It's too weak. Besides, it's really a technical job to make a story that everyone knows the ending of.

The Count of Monte Cristo quotes

  • J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: Mondego's the one who pulled the trigger! He'd never confess in a million years!

    Count of Monte Cristo: You're right, he wouldn't... but you just have.

  • J.F. Villefort, Chief Magistrate: I don't see how any of this has anything to do with our business relationship!

    Count of Monte Cristo: [calmly] I'm about to tell you.