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Guillermo 2022-04-19 09:01:47

After reading it in 2013, he commented: "Innocent little boys and girls, childishness is inevitable." After reading it again after eight years, I dare not say childishness because I am too innocent. I cried several times while watching it.

"It's nice to jump, stomp, stomp, it's nice to have feet, walk around, shake, shake, wave, wave, it's nice to have hands, come and hold hands

I dance with you, and my heart goes up and down."

Simple heart, selfless love, simple happiness, it's beautiful. I really want to live out this kind of selfless love, not out of a momentary move or a good mood, but a normal state, a life lived out.

The phrase "selfless love" is itself a cumbersome repetition, because love itself is selfless, otherwise it would not be love. The adjective "selfless" isn't really useful. But a lot of times, it needs cumbersome repetition to express the real meaning, because many words are overused, and 'love' is the most obvious example.

Closer to home. The pure emotion between Ponyo and Sousuke is really enviable, and many people commented that it aroused their childlike innocence. I think we all want to simply love our wives, children, relatives, friends, at least not want to be angry / angry, complaining, jealous, bitter and resentful. But thinking about it, the reality is always the latter. We humans are really a contradictory being, with dignity (noble) and full of depravity (fall/corruption). We have a noble character, but it seems to only appear in the bright moments, for a short time, and then return to the dark, far from the normal state of life. Francis Schaeffer said that man is a glorious ruin, like a collapsed temple of glory/majestic. And this is all caused by 'sin'. We were originally created to be honorable, but we were rebellious and wanted to be free from God’s autonomy (not taking God as God, but wanting to be our own God). Instead, we became depraved and corrupted because of this. Although we still have a glorious image, we greedily practice all kinds of filth. Said to be the ruins of glory. I believe that we have all been touched by a song, a piece of music, a movie, a book or a story when a thirst for the truth, the good and the beautiful is aroused, but it quickly returns to the deep-rooted self-centeredness: pride, selfishness, self-righteousness Judgment, evil greed, bitterness and resentment, jealousy and obscenity, strife and deceit, etc. As slaves of sin, we can’t do the good we want to do, and we still do the evil we don’t want to do. We are really not free. This is why when we experience the moment when truth, goodness and beauty are inspired within, we feel more lost, because only its shadow has no substance.

But there is good news, and that is, Jesus. He was born in a manger for us, and took the cross for you and me, to forgive our sins and give us new life, to lead us back to the Father's house, to be reconciled to God and to rejoice in God. Jesus said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." "If you keep my will know the truth, and the truth will make you free." I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me."

Although there are still many struggles and pains since I came to know the Lord, my life has indeed been renewed, and I have become more and more free. Although my growth is very slow, it is indeed growing and I am more loving. Although there will be many failures (it's really painful T_T when you fail), there is always hope. I want to live freely and love T_T

A passing quote from CS Lewis (encouraged to read the full text ):

If we were originally created for heaven, the desire for heaven should have existed in our hearts long ago, but perhaps this desire has nothing to do with the real goal of heaven, and sometimes seems to conflict with each other. ...
When it comes to longing for this far-flung country, I'm embarrassed when I say it, as if I'm not too embarrassed to talk about it, as if I'm unraveling the most hidden secrets in each of us during adolescence, shy on the one hand and sweet on the other. , said it embarrassingly and funny, even hesitantly, saying it is not, not saying it is not. It is not because the desired heaven is something we have not experienced at all, but all our experiences have its whereabouts everywhere, and it is impossible to pretend to be stupid and not take it seriously. The most common way to deal with it is to call it the realm of "truth, goodness and beauty", thinking that it can be completely described in this way. poet wordsworth The way to deal with it is to identify with the experience of certain moments in his past days. But no matter what method you use, you are fooling yourself. Even if Wordsworth found something in the past, it was only a shadow. All he remembered was a memory. If we think we find "truth, goodness and beauty" in books or music, we are mistaken, because "beauty" is not in books or music, but only through them showing what we have always wanted. They are not the thing, but just an image, nothing more than a silent idol that breaks the hearts of admirers. Like the scent of a bouquet of flowers that we will never find, or the reverberation of a tune we have never heard of, or a bit of news from a country we have never traveled to. Maybe you will think that I speak mysteries as if we are weaving a spell. In fact, think about the spells in fairy tales. Isn’t it also a function of solving puzzles and fascinating people at the same time? Besides, you and I do need a very powerful spell. Only then can we wake up our hearts that have been seduced by the world for the past hundred years. Because almost all of our modern education is to abandon this inner constant cry to us: almost all modern trends of thought are deliberately convincing us that all the goodness of human beings can be found in this world. It's just that these arguments, which emphasize progress and creative evolution, bear witness to the fact that the goal we have been pursuing is in another place. They seem to convince you that the world can be transformed into heaven, but they are not telling you that you are a sojourner and a stranger on earth. Second, they will say that heaven is a far-off place, so doesn't that make you feel like your real home isn't here? And if that's not enough to wake you up, they'll finally try to keep you from thinking about death, which means that all happiness in the world will pass away with death until the end of human history. As if to say that social progress or biological evolution can delay the fact that the earth's ecology is degraded. To desire is to prove that the object of desire is real. To them, we can still be aware of an inexplicable desire in our hearts that cannot be satisfied by the bliss of nature. Next, is such an inference really reasonable? Does it have to be the fact that to have a desire to satisfy the desire? Just like when a person is hungry, it doesn't mean that they have to eat. But the phenomenon of hunger in the human stomach. Does it not prove that people need food to be satisfied. Despite the fact that some people still starve to death, this phenomenon must prove that humans belong to an animal that needs food to maintain their bodies, and there must be food to satisfy hunger in the space world where humans live. Likewise, while I don't think that if I have a desire for Paradise, I will definitely get it, but I think the phenomenon of such a desire is quite a proof that heaven does exist, and that some people will find it. Just because a man falls in love with a woman doesn't mean he can have the woman's heart, but it would be really strange to say that this phenomenon of falling in love happens in a genderless world.

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  • Lauriane 2022-03-25 09:01:08

    Although the story is simple, the rhythm is good, it is a work with heart, I like the style of Hayao Miyazaki

  • Devonte 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    Never again has Spirited Away gave me such a surprise.

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  • Sosuke: Ponyo, make the candle bigger!

  • Ponyo: Ponyo loves Sosuke! I will be a human, too!