The ketchup on the corner of the mouth makes people elated

Amiya 2022-04-20 09:01:40

I have a small box with colored pencils that I bought myself and a gift from a friend. Although I don’t use it often, I keep it in the most conspicuous place, just because it makes me happy to see it. Occasionally holding a pencil and sulking at the white paper, because the pictures in my head are difficult to see because I have no talent for drawing. So when we see that the painter fills the simple graphics with rich colors, turns them into full characters, gorgeous story backgrounds, and turns into animated movies, we not only bring a simple heart, but also bring With the ease that has been gradually lost, enter the colorful world.

Hayao Miyazaki, holding a paintbrush to help us find the innocence of the old man in 60s. The release of "Ponyo on the Cliff" made him lose his words again. The age of innocence is still there. "Ponyo on the Cliff" returns to the simple production method, takes in rich colors, and tells the innocent story between the mermaid princess "Ponyo" and the 5-year-old boy Sousuke. Without the heavy theme of "Princess Mononoke", there is no need to constantly accept complicated character information like when watching "Spirited Away". 1.7 million drawings, one shot one full frame, "stubborn" 2-dimensional production method, this summer, Miyazaki's old man wholeheartedly attracted us to the refreshing and pleasant seaside, and the ketchup on the corner of the mouth will make us elated age of innocence.

The five-year-old Sousuke rescued the little goldfish Ponyo who was playing with jellyfish but crashed into the glass bottle at the beach. The red coat and the ball-like figure moved us like a sea elf, and also moved the kind-hearted Sousuke. Leaving the dull seabed, Ponyo found true happiness in the small bucket. Whenever she sprayed a cool water column at Sosuke and heard Sosuke's happy laughter, the small bucket became Joyful ocean. Although the second half of the film mainly introduces the tsunami caused by Ponyo, adding a tense atmosphere, but Hayao Miyazaki's animated films always lead us to the expected ending, and predicting the good is the charm of Hayao Miyazaki's films. Sosuke accepts Ponyo's identity as a mermaid and helps Ponyo to dispel magic and become a real human. It is said that Hayao Miyazaki is a paranoid flying fantasist. At the end of the film, Ponyo jumped into the air from Sosuke's hands, and a perfect kiss also fulfilled Hayao Miyazaki's dream of flying in this ocean movie.

Ponyo's delighted smile when she touched the towel for the first time, her satisfied voice when she drank hot honey tea, and the model of the ship held in Zongsuke's hands, we took occasional messy steps in the urban frequency, feasting and feasting while feasting. Looking for something to soften his hard protection. When I watched "Ponyo on the Cliff" on the computer, I stretched my waist. The words "good" followed the ending song of the movie "Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo, Girl with a Round Belly". Heart beating happily. After a 100-minute color journey, I inadvertently turned around and saw the era when silkworms were raised in pencil boxes and when I licked ketchup on the corner of my mouth, my heart was full of joy.

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