A clean sky~give us

Zackary 2022-04-20 09:01:40

You will like it, if you still remember how to do eye exercises.
I saw a comment on this movie on Time.com~ The
soft place in my heart is touched~ I
have never dared to comment on Hayao Miyazaki's movies
. I feel that I can't achieve what I want~ Suddenly ,
my thoughts are floating in front of the computer, and suddenly there is a kind of excitement on
the keyboard. Responsibility is about the sea and life . The fat, pink and tender little goldfish Po Niu has her small eyes rolling. She likes to eat ham and is very naughty. Whoever speaks ill of her will let anyone experience the tsunami and a kind of loneliness--for the sake of The love in her heart insists on becoming a human being. She looks at the world with a pure heart and walks life in her own way~ It is very cute to face all kinds of delicious food that she has never tasted before. kiss little baby treats tears as Suizuke Suizuke --The watermelon Taro-style hairstyle is very kind~ I take care of the little goldfish carefully, he has a cool mother, Lisa, who is full of personality~ Driving a car in the middle of life The mother and son, who are so harmonious and have no generation gap, like the way forward on the road. The old lady Q in the film is also very cool. I think of the cool old lady in the city in the sky. The film vaguely alludes to the destruction of the environment by humans . :I'm really sorry can I shake hands with you? The world's heart is open

The song at the end of the film is very playful and
reminds me of those songs in childhood~
Ponyo, Po Niu, the child
from the blue sea, the girl with the round belly of
Po Niu Po ​​Niu ~ . . . Lively and boisterous, jumping and jumping with her, heart beating and thumping . . . It's still the same, there are no very gorgeous pictures, and the stories that don't swallow mountains and rivers are just simple~ It's lightly narrated, touching end: Do you know? Master, what do you mean to us ? Master, you are a persistent dream catcher Today, when Hollywood is blowing the wind of computers instead of brushes, you stick to your position and stubbornly refuse "3D" thousands of miles away, from "Nausicaa" to "Castle in the Sky" to "My Neighbor Totoro" to "The Witch's Delivery Service" From "Red Pig" to "Princess Mononoke" to "Spirited Away" to "Howl's Moving Castle" and now to "Princess Goldfish on the Cliff", the master brings us a clean sky and a small world with a childlike aftertaste thank you~ master

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  • Devonte 2022-03-28 09:01:02

    Never again has Spirited Away gave me such a surprise.

  • Oswaldo 2022-03-27 09:01:05

    Ponyo is also too terrifying, some of the shapes are slightly clam, so scared that I can't speak. Makes me reconfirm that Ghibli is a cult film company with the uncanny valley and intensive phobia as its selling points. I really like Po Niu's dad, a dead house magician, and his style also has a Romani feel.

Ponyo quotes

  • Ponyo: Ponyo loves Sosuke!

  • Ponyo: Ponyo wants ham!