just say love, not love

Adelbert 2022-04-21 09:01:54

"I like you!"
"I like you too!"

The movie seems to be shouting these two sentences under the blue sky and white clouds. Miyazaki never considers the other audience, he just looks at the children tenderly. Children should understand.
What about adults? Adults can understand, but adults understand too much.
The storytelling technique, the right music, the environmental appeal hidden in the details... It takes so much effort to tell a story, so much meaning can be seen, but I believe that Hayao Miyazaki just wanted to say, "I like you." and "I like you too."

Compared with the word "love", of course children will choose to like it. Because they don't know love. Adults will ask, the price of love, the distress of love, the melancholy of love, and the connotation of love. So children don't understand love even more.
They only know how to like.
Such a feeling is more intuitive and shallow than love, more clear and cheerful, and more suitable for smiling.

So we are moved, moved by a kind of simplicity that adults can't ask for. Blessed are children who have no worries, are stubborn and determined.

"Whether PONYO is a goldfish, a half-merman, or a human being, I like them all!"

Struggling to escape, chasing the waves, abandoning the family, the little girl is only for one person, and she has never asked what she can get through these. She doesn't think she's giving, she just works happily to get closer to what she likes.
So this person, at the right time, said the most appropriate words. These words were neither moved nor reciprocated, just that he thought so and said so.

We criticize love, point fingers, and even stick to the rules and clearly mark the price. It seems that if we don’t do these one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, we have no love.

But the source of love is actually just such a clear "I like you!"
Simple, clear, and bottomless.

They don't understand love, they don't care about the past, they don't look at the future.

It's as if we are judging whether the ingredients of a dish are fresh, whether the seasoning is appropriate, and whether the cooking temperature is appropriate, and the child has readily said, "Delicious!
" When

we were studying how profound the power of Director Miyazaki was, how far-reaching the connotation was, and how perfect the details were, the child was already saying, "It's beautiful, so interesting!"

We were talking about how to give love , how to be considerate about love and how to choose love, children will only open their eyes and say: "I like it!"

This is the patent of children. Everyone will have it, it is worth cherishing, but it is not necessary and cannot be cherished deliberately.

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